Prospective Pre-Med Students: Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to other questions about the PreMed program, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Overview of Geneseo

Medical schools seek students who are passionate about their undergraduate studies. They select students with a demonstrated ability to ‘do science’ coupled with a well-rounded, liberal arts background that includes courses outside the sciences; students who excel at the undergraduate level and on the MCATs. Tomorrow’s health care professionals must be strong communicators and critical thinkers – in short, students who are driven, focused and realistic about the rigorous demands involved in pursuing a medical degree. Those are the students who enroll at Geneseo.

As you explore your options at the undergraduate level, be sure to ask yourself if you are prepared for the rigors involved in preparation for, and completion of, medical school. It is important to understand that it is not the undergraduate institution that will “get you into” medical school, but rather, the academic and personal abilities that you develop in undergraduate school and that are demonstrated in your performance as an undergraduate and in the medical school admission process.

Consistent with our mission, Geneseo is a liberal arts college dedicated to preparing students for future study in all types of post-graduate programs, including – but not limited to – medical school.  As a highly-selective public, liberal arts college, Geneseo students are sought by many of the finest post-graduate institutions in the nation. 

In addition to academic study, the abundant research opportunities and co-curricular activities afforded to undergraduate students are a signature strength at Geneseo.  Students across all disciplines are able to engage in scholarly research and often present at regional or national conferences.  PreMed students often work closely with faculty in one-on-one research opportunities that enhance their medical school preparation.  Students are also able to participate in a wide variety of activities that reveal characteristics important to medical school admission: motivation, compassion, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.  

What percentage of Geneseo students are accepted into medical school? 

Colleges will report this number differently so be sure you are comparing relevant figures.  Some colleges will exclude students they do not “support” in the application process, thus inflating that particular statistic.  At Geneseo, looking at ALL students who apply to medical school and including acceptances ONLY to U.S. medical schools, our acceptance rate over the last ten years is around 65%; it is substantially higher, over 90%, if we consider only those students who have earned at least an overall grade point average of 3.5 (in both science and non-science classes) and scored at least a 30 on the MCATs (note that starting in 2015 the scoring on the test will be different). Should you succeed in your studies at Geneseo, you will do very well in gaining admission to medical schools.

Do medical schools favor Geneseo students?

The medical schools tell us that they do not favor specific schools (or particular majors) but we do know that they are very pleased with the quality of Geneseo’s graduates.

What is the PreMed environment like at Geneseo?

All students at Geneseo, regardless of major, work collaboratively and are very supportive of helping one another succeed academically.  Additionally, our faculty are passionate about teaching and mentoring, and are fully engaged in helping our PreMed students ultimately succeed both at Geneseo and in their admission process to medical school.

Is there a PreMed club? 

There is a medical fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, whose members coordinate events for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. There also is a MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-medical Students) group that is active on campus.  The activities of both groups, along with programs developed by the Premedical Advisory Committee, help foster engagement among students and serve as a support network during their undergraduate studies at Geneseo. 

I am interested in medical school; should I attend Geneseo rather than some other school?

If you feel that overall Geneseo is the right place for you, regardless of your choice of major, then it is the right place to begin your medical school studies.  It is important that you find the right college, in which you will excel both in and outside the classroom.  This will allow you to build the necessary foundation in preparation for the rigors of medical school.