Licensing Program


The purpose of this procedure is to establish procedures to control and monitor the use and reproduction of official College trade names and logos.  The names and marks of SUNY Geneseo are valuable assets.  Therefore, it is in the best interest of the College to legally protect its image, names, trademarks, and logos from unauthorized use.


A. External

The College licenses companies and individuals to use the names and marks of Geneseo for retail, promotional, and internal use on a variety of products and service-related items.  The program includes examination of both the product and the design to be imprinted, ensuring Geneseo's campus trademarks, service marks and trade names are used appropriately and appear in association with quality production, promotions, and printed matter by campus and external users.  It is the responsibility of the supplier to obtain approvals of the product and design.

All suppliers producing items utilizing campus marks or official College names must be licensed to do so.  Suppliers producing items for commercial use are responsible for payment of royalty fees.

B. Internal

This policy applies to all items representing SUNY Geneseo which are used for any campus promotional, recognition, social, special event, or fundraising projects.

All campus offices, departments, organizations, and associations desiring to use the College's trade names, trademarks, logos and name, are covered by this policy.  It includes all student, faculty, and staff organizations, academic and administrative areas, and alumni and athletic groups.


All proposed products designed to use the College name, logo or marks must meet standard requirements established by College Communications & Marketing.  Products include all items intended to be sold or given away.

College trade names, trademarks, and logos are any word, name, letter(s), mark, logo, seal, symbol, or any combination of these which has come to be associated with the College in any style, size, and/or form.  Any printed (on paper) material is outside the licensing guidelines and does not need a license, but still needs art approval from College Communications & Marketing.

To ensure compliance with the College’s trademark licensing program requirements, all requests for the purchase of branded products must be submitted to the Procurement Services Department using the "Trademark Materials Request" form available within the KnightSource procurement system.  This will ensure review by the College's Trademark Office prior to processing.  Only the Trademark Office can authorize use of and release of new artwork to licensed vendors.

Last updated 11/10/2023.