Procedure for the Purchase of Products Using Campus Trademarks and Logos


To protect SUNY Geneseo’s image and trademark use.   Since 2006 Licensing Resource Group, LLC has managed the College’s trademark licensing program to control the use of its trademarks and maintain its legal rights over those marks.  Under the program, vendors are required to hold licenses to produce products for sale, both directly to the College (non-royalty) and for resale (royalty bearing).  A vendor can hold one or both of these licenses.

To protect the integrity of this program, and the ability of the College to control the use of its trademarks and logos, it is essential that all departmental purchases of products using a College trademark and/or logo receive prior approval from the campus Trademark Office, and that these purchases be directed to licensed vendors, or vendors that have been granted a Single-Order Trademark exemption.


This procedure applies to any and all purchases of products to be produced with any of the College’s trademarks and logos, regardless of the source of funding (State, including IFR, DIFR and Sutra accounts; Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS); Research Foundation; Geneseo Foundation; and Student Association).


To ensure compliance with the College’s trademark licensing program requirements, all requests for the purchase of branded products must be submitted to the Procurement Services Department using the "Trademark Materials Request" form within the KnightSource e-procurement system.   This will ensure review by the College's Trademark Office prior to processing.  Only the Trademark Office can authorize use of and release of new artwork to licensed vendors.