Authorized Signatures

Authorized Signatures


To define authority for purchase commitments made against State appropriations.  New York State regulations require that all purchase commitments against State appropriations only be made by authorized individuals and in full compliance with the various laws governing New York State purchasing activities.


This procedure applies to all purchase requisitions and contracts, including maintenance agreements.


Purchase Requisitions

Only those persons set up with the "Approver" role in the KnightSource e-procurement system will have the authority to approve requisitions.  Most often, approvers are Department Directors, Chairpersons, Deans, Vice Presidents, or their designees.  Purchase requisitions must be approved electronically within KnightSource by the authorized approver(s) for the funding source(s) being used and approved by a buyer before a purchase order will be issued and a commitment made to the supplier.  Purchases made outside the prescribed manner are subject to non-payment or direct payment by the individual making the commitment.   

Contracts and Maintenance Agreements

Only the President, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Sr. Director of Accounting Budgeting Services, Director and Associate Director of Purchasing & Central Services, and Purchasing Assistant, are authorized to sign contracts for the College. 


The authorized Approver(s) for each account are maintained electronically within the KnightSource e-procurement system.  The KnightSource e-procurement system workflow will not forward requisitions to Procurement Services until they have been reviewed and approved electronically by an authorized Approver.

Last updated 10/27/2023