Procurement Procedure P-090

Bid Opening Procedures


To define a procedure for the bid opening process.


This procedure applies to all formal Invitations for Bids (IFBs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).


  1. Sealed bid/proposal envelopes (or password-protected digital files) shall remain unopened until the bid opening.
  2. The bid opening shall be held in a location where it may be conducted without distraction.
  3. Bids/proposals will be opened by the Procurement Services' designated official and an assistant.
  4. Bids/proposals should be removed from the secure location (or password protected digital files opened) five minutes before the bid opening by the designated official.  At that time, all supplier participants may enter the conference room (or teleconference meeting).
  5. All bids should be submitted no later than the time specified for bid opening.  If a bid is received at the SUNY Geneseo campus, but not delivered timely to the proper bid opening location, it will be considered if evidence clearly shows its arrival "on-campus" to be timely and received by the mailroom, central receiving, another department, or a third-party-witnessed delivery, i.e., courier.
  6. The Director or Associate Director of Purchasing & Central Services must approve all late bids in order for them to be considered.
  7. Late bids shall remain unopened and be returned to the supplier immediately after award has been made.  This will be the buyer's responsibility.
  8. See SUNY Purchasing & Contract Procedures (Document 7553) for bidder list notification and advertising in the NYS Contract Reporter.


  1. The designated official will open all bids/proposals publicly at the time specified for the bid opening.
  2. When opened, the bids will be recorded on the bid tabulation/summary sheet.  The tabulation sheet shall include the RFP or IFB number, bid opening date and time, a general description of the service/goods to be procured, the names of the bidders, and pricing information if for an IFB process.  This record will be made available for public inspection.  All bid tabulation/summary documents will be signed by the designated official and the assistant. Upon request, bids will be available for review by suppliers at this time.
  3. It is the supplier’s responsibility to record information from the bid tab/summary document.  No copies will be provided.
  4. The Director of Purchasing & Central Services, Associate Director, or designee, will review the bid tabulation/summary sheet and all original bids immediately after the bid opening.
  5. The Buyer should examine all bids after opening to review for error and determine if the specifications were adhered to.
  6. After the bid opening, there can be no discussions regarding the bids.  It is not appropriate to discuss a particular bid with one of the competing suppliers.  It is permissible to seek clarification or additional information from a supplier concerning its bid.


  1. Supplier(s) may review the bid tabulation/summary document at the bid opening.
  2. To place a formal inquiry, the supplier should email:  
  3. Telephone inquiries -- bid tab information may be given out over the telephone after the bid opening.


Last updated 11/10/2023