Procurement Procedure No. P-570 - Print Optimization


The purpose of print optimization is to provide the College community with cost effective, state-of-the-art printing, copying, scanning, and faxing functionality.


This procedure applies to all procurements of print output devices purchased by the College.  For the purposes of this procedure, print output devices shall be defined as desktop printers of all types, high-speed laser printers, copiers, multi-function devices, fax machines, and scanners.


  1. All purchases and/or leasing of print output devices and supplies will be coordinated and approved through the Procurement & Property Control Services Department in consultation with the Computer & Information Technology Department.
  2. All purchases of print output devices, and related supplies, will be standardized according to the College's contract for printing equipment and print management services.
  3. The College's print output devices will be deployed and connected to the campus network in an efficient manner that allows multiple individuals to share both primary and secondary devices, and maximizes cost savings for the College.
  4. Every three to five years, the College will survey departmental printing needs and make modifications to the College's inventory of print output devices, and the print management services contract, as needed, to maintain the highest level of service and efficiency to the campus community.  Departments wishing to change or modify their print output devices must contact the Director of Procurement & Property Control Services who will, in consultation with CIT Technical Support Professionals, make every effort to accommodate the functional needs of the department.


As of January 1, 2012, the College ceased buying supplies for non-networkable printers.  Non-networked printers are no longer supported by the College and should be recycled and disposed of according to the College's Property Control procedures for surplusing equipment.