Purchase of Used Equipment


To define a policy for the purchase of used equipment when using State funds.


This procedure applies to the purchase of all used equipment when using State funds.


A.  Supplier written quotation must contain the following:

  • Model and serial number of equipment being offered;
  • Age and original cost of equipment;
  • Statement of condition;
  • Details of any guarantee and/or warranty given;
  • Selling price;
  • Standard state clauses, if selling price is in excess of $5,000; and
  • Statement that "the prices quoted are the same as or lower than those quotes of other corporations, institutions, and government agencies on similar items, quantities, terms, and conditions."

B.  Requesting department letter of justification covering the following points:

  • The used equipment has been physically inspected and observed in use;
  • Statement of condition;
  • How equipment is to be used and benefits to department;
  • Statement that present budget is insufficient to purchase new equipment; and
  • The used equipment meets all the needs of the using department and will accomplish the job as well as a new piece of equipment.

Last updated 11/10/2023.