Water Products

The purchase of water products for consumption by faculty, staff, and students is not an appropriate use of State funds.   The only departments that are permitted to use State funds for water products are those that have a justifiable requirement for such in support of a student recruitment and/or retention need.    

Any department that wishes to purchase water products with State funds must forward a justification to the Procurement Services Department by email at procure@geneseo.edu or via campus mail to Doty Hall 315.  The justification must describe how water products are needed to support departmental mission or recruitment and/or retention.   The justification will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President for Administration/Controller for appropriateness.

Please be advise that no departments may use or purchase bottle water per New York State Governor's Executive Order No 18: Restricting the Use of Bottled Water at State Facilities and Promoting Executive Agency Sustainability.