Saratoga Terrace Townhouse Application Instructions

Living on campus is a core component of the Geneseo student experience. Residence Life staff aim to foster an environment where each resident feels a sense of belonging and support, as well as social and intellectual stimulation. We are committed to making on-campus housing available to all undergraduate students while they pursue their bachelor's degree.  

The Saratoga Townhouses are designed primarily to meet the needs of a more independent living style for our Junior and Senior students. Although an off-campus feel, the townhouses are located in the center of campus, close to your classes, with furnished common spaces, full kitchens, air conditioning, high speed internet, and in-house maintenance staff. The townhouses offer all the convenience and safety of on-campus living with the independence of apartment style housing.

To participate in townhouse selection for the next academic year, applications are available around the end of September.

Townhouse Selection for 2023-2024 Academic Year

The first step for townhouse selection is to go into our Symplicity Residence software and complete the Residential License Agreement Form. This application is available to all students who have over 30 credit hours (Sophomore credit standing) regardless of if they currently live on or off campus.  

Before submitting your RLAF, you should review the SUNY Geneseo Residential License.  The Residential License describes important policies and conditions for living in our residence halls.  It also specifies that, by consenting to its terms, you agree to live in the residence halls for the entire 2023 - 2024 school year.  As soon as you select a room, you are immediately and automatically under contract with Residence Life for the entire 2023-2024 academic year.  

Applications are available September 22, 2022 at 9:00AM and close October 9, 2022 at 11:55pm.

Form your townhouse group in the Symplicity Residence software by October 8th.

Once you submit your application, you should form a roommate group. Note that townhouses are 4-person or 5-person units. If you are applying without a full roommate group, you will still be considered for placement in the Townhouses, depending on availability. You will be provided with remaining spaces after full groups have been given the opportunity to select their housing.  

You -- or another member of your group -- should establish your 4-person or 5-person townhouse group in the Symplicity Residence software. The order in which groups and individual students select their housing is determined by average of the group's application dates (so the sooner you and your group members fill out the application, the earlier your time slot will be). Our townhouses fill very quickly so submitting an application early (and encouraging your group to do so also) is key.

In order to view the screen depicted below, navigate your Symplicity Residence menu as follows:  click on Roommate Matching, then click on Group

Roommate Group screenshot.

In the Roommates field of this screen, you can type the passcode of your group member.  (Dummy Student-15's passcode is serfan798, as illustrated in the upper-right corner of the screenshot.)  You -- or the leader of your group -- will need to ask all other group members for their unique passcodes.  When you enter a correct passcode, your friend's name should appear in the box below the Roommates field.  You should repeat this process until all group members are added, then click the Save button.

Note:  Only 1 group member needs to form the group in the Symplicity Residence software.  It is unnecessary for all group members to form roommate groups in this way.

Townhouse selection for approved groups will be October 14th.

Groups will be confirmed and given their selection time by October 12th. Note that selection time will be based on the group's average application submission date. Townhouses tend to fill quickly so apply early and make sure your group applies early as well. Selection will be between 4:00-6:30pm. Your group leader will need to be available to select during the assigned selection time.

For applicants who are unable to select if all of the townhouses fill, we will have a waiting list available (you will be emailed a by the end of October for an opportunity to join the waiting list).

Want to see a townhouse? Check out the tour below.

Please note Dash is no longer available in the Saratoga Commons.