Genesee Hall


picture of Genesee Hall.

Picture Slideshow:  The picture slideshow for Genesee is available here.

Area Coordinator:  Mr. Raymond FeDora; (585) 245-5746;

Service Desk:  x6155 from campus phones; (585) 245-6155 from all other phones

 About Genesee Hall:

Location:  North Village

Housing Type:  Suites (6-person and 8-person)

Class Years:  All, but mostly Sophomores

Features:  Genesee Hall is comprised of 9 sections, or "Quads".  Each Quad. contains a small kitchenette with a sink, oven, and stovetop.  A typical suite consists of a bathroom, a living room area, and 3 or 4 bedrooms.  Laundry facilities are available on each floor.

Genesee Hall is also the home of our Gender Inclusive Housing offering.  In Gender Inclusive Housing, students can choose to live with each other regardless of how they identify with respect to gender.  In a gender inclusive suite, for instance, a female student could share a room with a male student.

Floor Plans:  You must have a Geneseo email to login and gain access to Residence Life floor plans. You can find these floor plans here: