Reunion Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (585) 245-5506 or

When can I register for Reunion 2024?

Online, mail-in and phone-in registration will open by March 1, 2024.

When can I sign-up for a room on-campus?

The option for on-campus housing is part of Reunion registration. Online, mail-in and phone-in registration (for Reunion events and on-campus housing) will open by March 1, 2024

The deadline to register for on-campus housing is Monday, April 15.

Can I register and pay when I arrive/do you take walk-in registrations?

We can accept a limited number of walk in registrations. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate walk-in registrations for meals or lodging. To get the most out of your reunion, and take advantage of early-bird pricing, please register in advance.

Can I book multiple on-campus rooms for my group of friends?

We love that you and your friends want to stay together on campus! Doing so adds a special dimension to your reunion. We do, however, require unrelated adults to register individually. Here's why:

  • Our database can only assign one room per registration (alumni traveling with their families, however, can certainly book a second room for their children).
    • To book an additional room for your children, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (585) 245-5506; this cannot be done online.
  • Alumni who already have a room assignment might not register for other reunion activities, and we would hate for anyone to miss out on great registration-required activities.

Please visit the On-Campus Housing website for more information about staying in the residence halls.

Why is online registration limited to just two guests?

Reunion registration is limited to two guests total (one primary registrant and one guest). We encourage non-related alumni to register separately. The reason for this is, data for alums who are registered by friends is often not 100% accurate and can create confusion regarding their preferred name(s), class year, contact information and weekend activities.

If you need to register more than one family member as a guest, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (585) 245-5506 and we help you register by phone.

Can non-alumni guests/spouses attend exclusive class or affinity activities?

Absolutely! All events are open to alumni and their guests.

Will there be a kids camp or some type of daycare provided for young children?

If you need childcare during your time in Geneseo, you can post a babysitting job with SUNY Geneseo Student Employment Services (you will need to include details like time commitment, pay rate, age of child/children, where you would like your children to be looked after, etc.). Only Geneseo students and recent alumni will apply; you will conduct interviews, check references and make the final hiring decisions. Please contact Student Employment Services Office in the Center for Community at (585) 245-5734 or email to post your job.

I registered online, but I don't see my spouse's name listed as my roommate.

A spouse/guest registered with you (on the same form) is automatically your roommate -- regardless of whether or not their name appears as a roommate. Completing the information regarding a desired roommate is only necessary when you and your roommate register separately.

I've already registered but want to change my order.
  • To add to your registration, locate your email confirmation [From: Geneseo's Office of Alumni Relations | Subject: Registration Confirmation: Reunion 2024] then follow the link "click here to edit your registration information" in your email confirmation.
  • To remove activities or cancel your registration, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (585) 245-5506 or by email at Please review our refund policy before contacting the office.
How can I make sure that I'm on the same floor with other alumni in my graduating class/affinity group?

When you register for Reunion, you have the opportunity to list the name of one other confirmed reunion guest with whom you wish to share a suite/floor. Answering this question will help to ensure that you and your friends are housed near each other. The Office of Alumni Relations makes every effort to accommodate our overnight alumni guests and do our best to honor these requests. Other tips to ensure that your housed near your friends:

  • Register early -- the sooner the better!
  • Make sure the friend that you list on your form is registered or plans to register before the deadline.

It is the practice of the Office of Alumni Relations to house alumni from similar class years and affinity groups together. Even if you don't make any special requests, chances are that you will be placed with alumni from your (for example) sorority or fraternity and/or from your generation.

Where can I park when I come back for Reunion?

View the Reunion Transportation & Parking page for detailed information. All campus lots are open, except Lots W and Z. Please respect meters and designated accessible parking spots.

When I'm back on campus for Reunion, can I access Geneseo's wifi?

Yes. Please see the instruction guide for creating a guest account on Geneseo's wifi. Once you create your account, your credentials are valid for 3 days. These credentials can be used for all of your devices, once provided with the username and password simply use them to login to your phone, laptop, tablet etc.

I can't find my Reunion 2024 Email Confirmation

An email confirmation is sent immediately after you register online [From: Geneseo's Office of Alumni Relations | Subject: Registration Confirmation: Reunion 2024] confirming we've received your registration. 

Guests will receive a secondary email confirmation a few days before Reunion with specific details re: checking-in, on-campus housing, online reunion resources (maps, parking, shuttle information) and tips to enhance your reunion experience.

How can I support the local economy when I'm back in Geneseo for Reunion?

Our guests are encouraged to patronize the shops and restaurants who have partnered with the Office of Alumni Relations to offer special promotions for guests who are wearing their Reunion name tag and/or have offered to extend their hours.

Reunion 2023 Community Promotions Brochure - Reunion 2024 Community Promotions will be available by June 3, 2024.