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Frequently Asked Questions about the SOFIs for Faculty

Although SOFIs will be administered as is typical, faculty will not be required to submit SOFI results from the spring 2020 semester for personnel processes.

How can I activate the SOFIs?

At the request of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the College Senate, in the Spring 2013 semester, the SOFI administration period for full term courses was extended to three weeks.  Faculty have the ability to activate the SOFI for their courses during the first week of the SOFI administration.  All SOFIs will be activated for the last two weeks of the administration period.

To activate your SOFI  during the first week, log in to KnightWeb, click on "Faculty Services" and, at the bottom of the menu that came up, select "SOFI Reports and Administration". From there you can select "SOFI Control Page."

SOFI activate faculty

The SOFI Control Page lists faculty's courses that will be included in the SOFI administration for the semester, the SOFI start and end dates, the number of students to be included in the SOFIs and the number of respondents.  At the beginning of each course is a check box; click on the check box to activate the SOFIs for your course during the first week of the SOFI administration.

Are there any guidelines for administering the SOFIs?

The Faculty Affairs Committee of the College Senate have developed guidelines for administration of the SOFIs, which can be found HERE.

How long are the SOFIs available?

For full term courses, instructors have the ability to activate the SOFIs during the 3rd week before the end of the classes to administer them in class or to talk to students about instructor's perspective on SOFIs.  SOFIs will be activated for all full term courses the last two weeks of classes and notices will be sent to students at this time.  For shorter courses, the SOFIs will activate 8 days before the end of the part of term; the last day of the term, the SOFIs will be off.  Faculty are able to enter grades on the last day of the semester; to preserve the grade neutrality of the SOFIs, once grading is turned on in KnightWeb, the SOFI survey is no longer available.

On the main FAQ page, there is a table with the start and end dates for each semester.

My lab/studio/discussion/directed study section used to appear in the SOFI and now I don’t see it.  What happened?

Starting with the Fall 2009 semester, ungraded laboratory, discussion, studio, recitation sections that were offered in conjunction with another section were not included with the SOFI load process.  Student teaching, directed study and internship sections were also removed from the SOFI load. To protect students' anonymity, courses with fewer than four students are not included in the SOFI process.

Are students who have withdrawn from course able to complete a SOFI?

As of Fall 2009, only students who are actively registered for the course after the last day to withdraw were included in the online SOFI.  This continues to be the case in the KnightWeb SOFI environment.

How can I check which of my courses will be included in the SOFI?

At the bottom of the Faculty Services menu in KnightWeb, there is link to a menu item titled SOFI Reports and Administration. Within that menu is a SOFI Control Page.  This SOFI Control Page menu displays the courses for each faculty member which will be included in the SOFI process for that semester.  Faculty are responsible for checking this page to ensure that proper courses are assigned to them.  The SOFI Control Page also provides the start and end date for each section.

I received an e-mail from a student who said they had made a mistake on the SOFI and wants to re-submit the SOFI for my course.  Is this possible?

We do not allow students to change their SOFI responses once the SOFI has been submitted.  Because SOFIs are used in personnel decisions, there has been reluctance to allow changes or delete submitted responses.  The 2nd page of the online SOFI explicitly directs students to check their responses represent the instructor listed at the top of the page and reminds them the response cannot be changed once submitted.

Where should students go to complete the SOFI?

SOFIs are available through KnightWeb. After logging in and clicking on "Surveys" a menu will come up and at the top left of this menu there is a link to the SOFI surveys titled "SOFI Surveys." See the screen shot below.

SOFI login student

What are the standard SOFI questions?

Click here for a link to the standard SOFI questions.

How do I add additional questions?

In the KnightWeb system, instructors are not yet able to add course specific questions. 

When will SOFI results be available?

SOFI reports are released to faculty once all grades have been turned in to the Registrar’s Office.  Results for the summer term SOFIs are not released until grades for all the sessions have been turned in; generally this has been mid-September in years past.

Additional Questions/Concerns

If you have concerns about the SOFI process or questions, please contact the Faculty Affairs Committee of the College Senate.