Student Employment Service Guidelines

SES guidelinesThe Student Employment Service (SES) at SUNY Geneseo is funded in part by the Job Location and Development (JLD) Program. The JLD Program is part of a larger federal program received by the College to provide financial assistance to students through employment opportunities. 

As a recipient of these federal funds, each year we are required to report how many students worked in positions through our service and how much they earned. We do NOT report any specific information about the positions or the employers, but we do contact all employers using our service throughout the year to determine if they have hired any SUNY Geneseo students.

SES has established the following criteria in reviewing positions for posting:

All employers must provide complete contact information, including a complete mailing address, phone number, and the full name of the person we should contact should we have any questions.

For each position listed, the employer must provide, at minimum, the following information:

Job title, job description, schedule, application procedures, and pay rate. All employers must adhere to a non-discrimination policy consistent with federal and state non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws, orders and regulations and can not discriminate against any person because of age, color, creed, disability, martial status, national origin, race, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status as either disabled veteran or of the Vietnam era.

Furthermore, SES does not post positions that:

  • are volunteer (referred to the Volunteer Center, 245-5893,
  • are positions requiring a degree.  Positions requiring a degree are referred to the Career Design Center, 245-5721, These types of positions posted on Handshake will be reviewed and serviced by the Career Design Center Staff. 
  • are Internships or Externships. These types of positions may be posted on Handshake but will be reviewed and serviced by the Career Design Center Staff
  • Require an initial investment by the student or are paid through commission-only (positions that have a salary which is supplemented by commission are acceptable)
  • Require a student to represent a commercial enterprise on the college campus.

SES reserves the right to not post any position we feel does not complement and reinforce student's educational programs or vocational goals.

The following disclaimer is posted in relation to off-campus positions that meet the above criteria:

"Student Employment Service (SES) at SUNY Geneseo acts only as a referral service. SES makes no recommendations or guarantees about positions and employers listed through this office. SES is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the volume of jobs received by SES, we are unable to research the integrity of every position listed. Therefore, students are urged to take on this responsibility themselves. We encourage you to use common sense and caution when applying for any position."