About The Geneseo Foundation

The Geneseo Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of encouraging philanthropic contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations in support of activities and programs of SUNY Geneseo. Responsibility for governance of the Foundation is vested in a Board of Directors, comprised of alumni, past parent, and College representatives. The Executive Director of the Foundation reports regularly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the management of all funds in its accounts and is committed to ensuring their proper stewardship.

The Geneseo Foundation was established on January 13, 1971, to encourage philanthropic contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations in support of activities and programs of the College.

The Foundation is the principal mechanism for the receipt and administration of charitable contributions and grants for the benefit of SUNY Geneseo. It is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of New York and is classified by the IRS as a public charity under sections 509 (a) 1 and 170 (b) 1 (A) (iv) of the Internal Revenue Code and meets the requirements of section 501(c) 3. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Mission Statement

The Geneseo Foundation provides financial support, leadership and advocacy to the College community while fostering engagement to enhance the unique Geneseo experience.

Purpose Statement

The Geneseo Foundation is a group of dynamic volunteers dedicated to providing financial support, leadership and advocacy with the distinct goal of advancing the mission of the College. By preserving and enhancing the unique SUNY Geneseo experience, students will be poised to achieve their true potential.

The Geneseo Foundation provides financial support, leadership and advocacy while fostering engagement to preserve and enhance the SUNY Geneseo experience which provides a dynamic and inclusive scholarly environment that inspires students to be prepared for an enriched life and success in the world.

Foundation Board Roles & Responsibilities

We garner private support for programs that strengthen Geneseo and build an endowment for the future.

We provide exemplary leadership and are responsible for the financial health and fiscal management of the Foundation.

We ensure a strong base of private-sector support by leading and advising on: fundraising, gift and grant management, volunteer support, alumni engagement, visibility, and serving as counsel to the President and senior leadership of Geneseo.

We provide merit and need-based scholarships, undergraduate research grants, and student and faculty summer fellowships; professional travel, research and incentive grants, lectures and special events, library support, academic enrichment funds, athletics and other special initiatives.


Impact of Private Support

2016/2017 Report from Advancement

The College Advancement Division serves as the champions of SUNY Geneseo students, faculty, staff and alumni by facilitating mutually beneficial life-long relationships between the College’s internal and external constituents. Through a shared vision for success, the Division secures resources that support the College’s mission, furthers its strategic goals and enables future prosperity. The College is grateful to all of its partners who have provided private support utilized by students, faculty, staff and alumni to achieve excellence. Through philanthropic contributions, individuals are afforded an opportunity to reach their capacity for a prosperous life and one that positively impacts the world as a whole. It is because of the generosity of many that the College creates a lasting legacy rooted in the powerful history and traditions of the College’s liberal education model. 

Giving chart for 2016-2017

Annual Scholarships and Awards

  • Irene Berry Andrews Memorial New Horizons Scholarship (funded by Thomas Brandt ’89)
  • Patrick J. Cassidy, Jr. Memorial New Horizons Scholarship (funded by Kevin Cassidy ’80)
  • Clare Cusack ’96 New Horizons Scholarship
  • David ’87 Firkins and Kathryn ’87 Freer-Firkins New Horizons Scholarship
  • Ruth Gibson ’56 Memorial Study Abroad Award
  • Jewish Foundation for Education of Women International Relations Scholarship
  • Graham Koehler New Horizons Scholarship (funded by Kristin Graham Koehler ’91 and David Koehler)
  • Tyler ’95 and Jessica ’98 Savage New Horizons Scholarship
  • Student Association Undergraduate Research Award
  • James A. and Barbara J. Walker Music Annual Scholarship


  • Ackroyd Family Foundation Health and Wellness Endowed Fund  (funded by Ted Ackroyd ’67 and the Ackroyd Family Foundation)
  • Kelsey A. Annese ’16 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Stephanie Marie Gorham ’98 Memorial Endowed Scholarship (funded by David Wolf ’97)
  • Sally Harrington Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Matthew G. Hutchinson’16 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • John V. Lynn ’83 Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Journalism
  • Robert E. Murray ’83 School of Business Endowed Scholarship
  • Mark and Kristen Scoville Endowed Scholarship
  • Arleen Somerville Sophomore Chemistry Endowed Scholarship
  • Padalino-McKenna Endowment Fund (two scholarships)