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The Geneseo Foundation Board

Geneseo Foundation Directors are selected for their distinguished achievements in business, industry, and other professions, along with their commitment to the advancement of Geneseo. While many are from the Rochester area, an increasing number of directors reside in other parts of the country. The directors provide advice and counsel to the Foundation on a broad range of issues and help interpret the needs of the College. In addition, directors appoint the officers of the Foundation, establish the Foundation's operating and investment policies, and approve all budgets and major expenditures of the Foundation

The Board of Directors consists of directors, two ex-officio College voting members (President of the College, and Vice President for College Advancement, who acts as the Executive Director of the Foundation), four ex-officio non-voting members (Chair of the College Council, Chair of the College Senate, Vice President for Administration and Finance, and the President of the Student Association), one non-voting board chair emeritus, and one non-voting member emerita (Professor Emerita).

Board Committees

The following are the standing committees of the corporation: Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee and the Committee on the Board. Their membership consists of representatives selected from the Board of Directors.

The Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors

Portrait of Denise A. Battles
Denise A. Battles
SUNY Geneseo President
Portrait of Ellen Leverich
Ellen Leverich '90
Vice President for College Advancement and Executive Director
Portrait of John Gleason
John A. Gleason ’87
Portrait of Bob Walley
Robert E. Walley ’83
Vice Chair
Portrait of Robert Murray
Robert Murray ’83
Portrait of Clare M. Cusack ’96
Clare M. Cusack ’96
Portrait of Michael C. Barkman ’96
Michael C. Barkman ’96
Portrait of Kathy Acierno Baron ’83
Kathy Acierno Baron ’83
Portrait of Rajesh Bellani
Rajesh Bellani ’95
Portrait of Mollene Benison
Mollene Benison ’97
Portrait of Barbara Bilodeau
Barbara K. Bilodeau ’86
Portrait of Jessica Blair
Jessica L. Blair '00
Portrait of John Camiolo
John T. Camiolo ’86, P’14
Portrait of Kevin Canty
Kevin M. Canty ’77
Portrait of Thomas Henk
Thomas Henk '92
Portrait of Stephen Huebner
Stephen R. Huebner '90
Portrait of David Klein
David E. Klein ’85
Portrait of Padraic McConville
Padraic McConville '04
Portrait of Martin Miskell
Martin R. Miskell ’86
Portrait of John F. O’Malley ’85
John F. O’Malley ’85
Portrait Timothy Ostrander
Timothy S. Ostrander '03
Portrait of Paul Peterman
Paul R. Peterman ’80
Portrait of Jessica Savage
Jessica Savage ’98
Portrait of Valarie Scott ’82
Valarie Scott ’82
Portrait of Jonna Shutowick ’88
Jonna Shutowick ’88
Portrait of George Speedy
George W. Speedy ’71
Portrait of Anne Tillnghast
Anne I. Tillinghast ’96
Portrait of David Wolf
David S. Wolf, DO '97
Portrait of Kaitlyn Bertleff
Kaitlyn Bertleff '21
Ex-Officio Member; President, Student Association
Portrait of Julie Buehler
Julie L. Buehler ’89
Ex-Officio Member; Vice President for Finance and Administration
Portrait of Heather Maldonado
Heather Hoffman Maldonado '95
Ex-Officio Member; SGAA, President
Portrait of Amy Sheldon
Amy Sheldon '90
Ex-Officio Member; College Senate, Chair
Portrait of Robert D. Wayland-Smith
Robert D. Wayland-Smith P’93, P’98
Ex-Officio Member; Geneseo College Council, Chair
Portrait of Robert Avallone
Robert J. Avallone ’76, P’09
Board Member Emeritus
Portrait of Jennifer Dunlap
Jennifer M. Dunlap ’81
Board Member Emerita
Portrait of Kevin Gavagan
Kevin P. Gavagan '75
Board Chair Emeritus
Portrait of Jack A. Kramer
Jack A. Kramer '76
Board Chair Emeritus
Portrait of Daniel Loughran
Daniel G. Loughran '86
Board Member Emeritus
Portrait of Myrtle A. Merritt
Myrtle A. Merritt
Board Member Emerita
Portrait of Edward Pettinella
Edward Pettinella ’73
Board Chair Emeritus
Portrait of Daniel Ward
Daniel B. Ward ’87
Board Member Emeritus