Geneseo's Great Give Back


Save the date for Geneseo's Great Give Back—our annual day of giving on Wednesday, April 24, 2024! Be a part of this incredible day by paying it forward and creating opportunities for SUNY Geneseo students.

Donors open the door to a Geneseo education, facilitate diverse learning experiences, and offer financial opportunities to our talented students. Make a difference today by directing your contribution to a specific department or area close to your heart, or choose to contribute to "where needs are greatest," ensuring sustained support for Geneseo for generations.


Every contribution, regardless of size, creates a meaningful impact on a Geneseo student's journey. 


Give Today!


Why Give Back?

  • Your support gives students access to a Geneseo education, one of the nation's best institutions for undergraduate education, according to the Princeton Review College Guide.
  • Your support creates learning experiences inside and outside the classroom that build skills for success.
  • Your support helps talented students take advantage of more financial opportunities.
  • Your support creates a culture of giving and sharing—a hallmark of the Geneseo community and one that resonates through every generation.

Where should I designate my gift?

  • Make a designation that's meaningful to you! Some inspiration:
    • Academic Programs, Athletics, Professors, Clubs and Organizations, Endowed Scholarships, Greek Life.
  • "Where the Need is Greatest"
    • Also known as The Fund for Geneseo, this is a flexible pool of money used to address unanticipated student needs and campus opportunities. Your gifts to The Fund allow the college to react quickly and without constraint when urgent needs arise. Learn more about The Fund for Geneseo here.

How were gifts to The Fund for Geneseo used last year? 


Hannarose Manning

I am so lucky to attend a school like this—with people dedicated to helping others achieve a well-rounded and well-supported education. Individuals like you play a vital role in maintaining the 'Geneseo Experience,' and for that, I am incredibly thankful.
—Hannarose Manning ’23

Social Media Toolkit — Help us promote Geneseo's Great Give Back!

We are so thankful for your interest in promoting Geneseo's Great Give Back—our annual day of giving! As the day approaches, we can use YOUR help in promoting the day in your social spheres. This social media toolkit provides some images you may find useful in promoting the Great Give Back. 

Share the word on your social platform. You can also get creative and write your own, but make sure to use #GreatGiveBack and tag @GeneseoAlumni (Or @SUNYGeneseo on Instagram) 

Pre-Great Give Back Text

  • #GreatGiveBack is on the horizon, and Geneseo needs you! Show your pride and make a gift on April 24th! We have one day to make a change, and I know we can do it together. Click here to check out Geneseo's Great Give Back page!

Day of the Great Give Back 

  • I am participating in Geneseo's #GreatGiveBack so I can give to the college that has given me so much. Today, you can make a difference too by visiting

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All gifts to Geneseo's Great Give Back bring us closer to our $45 million Opportunities Rising campaign goal!