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Campus Colleague Connection (CCC)

This '21-'22 academic year, we want to create intentional opportunities to rebuild our campus community. In the spirit of the New Deal Era Civilian Conservation Corps (the original CCC) that shaped state and national parks around the country (including Letchworth State Park just down the road from us), we want to shape and create spaces for Campus Colleagues to Connect (CCC). The Teaching and Learning Center will devote a portion of our limited budget to support these intentional connections provided certain criteria are met.

1. Colleagues must come from at least two different departments.
2. Discussions are centered around current college initiatives.
3. Follow-up reflection submitted within one week of the gathering.

Spending guidelines are based on the 2021 CAS Catering Menu, for example:
Cookie/Brownie platter for 25 = $30
Afternoon coffee/tea & cookies for 25 = $85
Sandwich Lunch Buffet for 10 people = $130

Note: we can NEVER pay for or reimburse for alcohol.

The person submitting this form will need to submit the follow-up reflection via a Google Form that will include:
1. 1-2 sentence description of what was discussed.
2. a full listing of all participants.
3. a copy of your receipt.

Please use this Google Form to submit your CCC request.