Syllabus Design

Requirements & Best Practices

Geneseo's College Senate Adopted Syllabus Policy

During the first week of each semester members of the teaching faculty are required to prepare for each course an electronic version of the syllabus and publish the syllabus to the college’s learning management system. Students who request a paper copy of the syllabus will be provided with one by the instructor.

A SUNY Geneseo syllabus must contain

  • an outline of the sequence of the course and the topics to be covered in the course;
  • a reading list, texts, and/or materials required;
  • grading procedures;
  • the intended learning outcomes of the course;
  • test dates including date and time of the final examination;
  • schedules for assignments, experiments, and projects;
  • descriptions and due dates of papers the student will write for the course
  • professor's office hours.

Suggested items to support academic success & individual well-being

The statements available on The Provost's Office page, Syllabus Resources Related to Student Success, may be copied and shared on your course syllabus to inform students about campus resources:

  • Disability Accommodations
  • Academic Support Services
  • Library Research Help
  • Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Computer and Technology Support
  • Well-Being
  • Mental Health
  • Safe Zone Program and Training
  • Food Security for Geneseo Students

Looking for a guidance about a class policy regarding the use of generative AI, like ChatGPT? See Resources on Generative AI in the Classroom.

Other Classroom Policies

More details for the following topics can be found on the General Classroom Policies website: 

  • Attendance
  • Religious Holidays
  • Final Exam Week Sessions
  • Posting of Grades
  • Grade Appeals
  • Holding Papers from Previous Semesters
  • Registered, Withdrawn, Pass/Fail Status
  • Time, Date, Room for Classes

Other External Resources