About the Teaching and Learning Center

What we are

Mission Statement

The mission of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at SUNY Geneseo is to reinforce the importance of teaching excellence as a fundamental responsibility of a public university. Through collaboration with faculty and administration, the Center supports a learning culture that values and rewards teaching, facilitates reflective dialogue about teaching and learning, encourages the development of teaching as a practice and a scholarly activity, invites innovation in curricular development, and encourages the creation of diverse learning environments in which all students can learn and excel.

The TLC Advisory Board developed the mission statement to be consonant with the college's values and strategic goals.

Who we are


Interim Director

Alexis Clifton

Alexis smiling at camera

TLC Office: Erwin 217B

Phone: (585) 245-5597

E-mail: clifton@geneseo.edu

Alexis has worked at SUNY Geneseo since 2017. She joined the campus as the initial executive director of SUNY OER Services, a system-wide role supporting open educational resource program development. She transitioned to the Educational Technology team of Geneseo's CIT in 2019, serving as senior instructional support specialist helping faculty develop and improve accessible course content. Alexis received her bachelor's degree in literature and creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and her master's degree from Northern Arizona University. She has spent over 15 years teaching in higher education, developing a passion for hybrid and online instruction. Since transitioning into instructional design, instructional technology, and educational administration roles, she maintains her drive to expand access and foster a broad sense of belonging in higher education. 

Administrative Assistant

Cathy Cooney
Secretary, Erwin 205
(585) 245-5531



Advisory Board

The composition of the TLC Advisory Board strives for broad representation of the campus community.

  • Amy Fisk, Assistant Dean for Accessibility
  • Laurie Fox, Director of Educational Technology, CIT
  • Elizabeth McManus, Lecturer & Coordinator of French Program, Global Languages and Cultures
  • Melanie Medeiros, Associate Professor, Anthropology & Director, Center for Integrative Learning
  • Olaocha Nwabara, Assistant Professor, English
  • Pallavi Panda, Associate Professor, School of Business
  • David Parfitt, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Success
  • robbie routenberg, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Brandon West, Head of Research Instruction Services, Fraser Hall Library
  • Thea Yurkewecz-Stellato, Assistant Professor, School of Education

Where we are


Many of the TLC's programs and events take place in Erwin 217, or the Erwin Conference Room 206. We also move around the campus and take advantage of the range of meeting spaces to suit different goals. Some programs continue to be offered virtually to be as inclusive as possible.