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The Pantry at Geneseo

                                    Food Pantry Lock up with Geneseo shield logo and Student Volunteerism and Community Engagement

Welcome to The Pantry at Geneseo! The Pantry works in partnership with the Geneseo-Groveland Emergency Food Pantry (GGEFP) and is facilitated by interns and volunteers working out of the Office of Student Volunteerism and Community Engagement as well as the School of Business. 

Our Mission

To provide food insecure students with food as a requirement of the SUNY Food Insecurity Task Force. While providing students with food, we maintain anonymity and work to destigmatize food insecurity in our community.


The Pantry at Geneseo will continuously work to become sustainable. We will be providing students who use the pantry with reusable bags. Students are encouraged to return the bag to a mentor anytime during their shift. With the college's COVID-19 measures in place, these bags will be wiped down and aired out between uses. 

Our Hours*:

We schedule pickups based on staff availability. There will be a GOLD mentor or student athlete mentor in Room 114 on Monday through Thursday from 12pm-5pm and 6pm-9pm to answer any questions you may have. 


MacVittie College Union, Room 114 


Although The Pantry at Geneseo serves food insecure students, there currently are no financial restrictions set in place. Additionally, the bags provided are meant to be a supplement to those who are food insecure and not be their primary source of sustenance.

How to Receive Food

In order for students to receive food from the pantry, they are required to fill out the Geneseo Food Pantry Request Form. This form will be sent out weekly and is to be filled out for the following week. Please note that students can only schedule one pickup per month. This form is also provided outside The Pantry's location in the College Union in the form of a QR code. Students provide the pantry coordinators with basic information such as preferred name, G#, contact information, pick up date & time, food preferences, and allergies. This form also collects optional demographic information to provide statistics for grants and funding. To ensure anonymity, only the pantry coordinators will see this information and it will not be shared with other students. 

Once the form is completed, one of the pantry coordinators will contact the student with a confirmation email. Students will receive a unique identification number (i.e. A12) to ensure anonymity and their bag is then labeled with this number. Students are to pick up their bag during their assigned time and if a student is unsure of their pickup time, they can view The Pantry's google calendar as it will have the bag identification number for each time slot in the description box. Finally, students will check-in with a mentor in Room 114 in the College Union to pick up their bag. 

The Role of GOLD Mentors and Student Athlete Mentors

The pantry coordinators are grateful to work with GOLD Leader Mentors and Student Athlete Mentors. They are the front-facing staff of the pantry and the first people a student will encounter when checking in for their pick-ups. They also serve as a touchpoint for all SUNY Geneseo students and are prepared to answer questions students may have to the best of their ability. 


The Pantry is currently accepting donations, including food donations and financial contributions. All donations go to The Pantry's sponsor, the GGEFP, which eventually gets funneled back to students through the pantry initiative. Food donations can be dropped off in Room 114 in the College Union during the hours mentors are staffed. We are currently working with Livingston Cares and Thomas Matthew for monetary donations which can be donated through Venmo (@LivingstonCares) and labeled for "The Pantry at Geneseo". 

Geneseo-Groveland Emergency Food Pantry

For students needing food assistance who do not want to use the food pantry on campus can visit the Geneseo-Groveland Emergency Food Pantry (GGEFP) itself. The pantry is located in the Central Presbyterian Church at 31 Center Street. The food pantry is open Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm and Wednesday from 4pm to 6:30pm.

Contact Us


Funding and Training: Jocelyn Haines, 

Marketing and Outreach: Megan Conklin,  

Logistics and Inventory: Bryan Campagna, 



 Social Media

Instagram: @thepantryatgeneseo 

Facebook: @thepantryatgeneseo