Community Engagement: Soup Kitchens

A Meal and More at Christ Church

  • Mission: To provide hunger relief
  • Contact: 585-454-3878,
  • Address: 141 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
  • Program Description: Provides nutritious meals and caring friendship to people in need on Wednesdays and Sundays in Rochester
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Serving food at the soup kitchen

Cameron Community Ministries

  • Website:
  • Address: 48 Cameron St., Rochester, NY 14606
  • Contact: Jennie Papkin, 585-254-2697,
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Working as a clothing house volunteer, hot lunch server after school and summer program volunteer; Help is also needed with the Kids Cafe, Food pantry, Produce days, Donation drives, Food drives, Holiday programs, building/work projects and playground supervision
  • Additional Information: Download the volunteer registration forms here

Charles Settlement House, Inc.

  • Mission: To help residents access critical human services, and help each attain personal growth, leading to sustainable self-sufficiency; To assist community development for safe, secure and vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Contact: Christian Jefferson, 585-328-5453
  • Address: 431 Jay Street, Rochester, NY 14611
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Help us raise awareness of Charles Settlement and the issues facing the people and communities we serve, donations welcomed; Please contact the agency directly for specific opportunities
  • Additional Information: Volunteers must fill out individual registration forms

Corpus Christi Church-Dimitri House

  • Mission: To serve our neighbors in need with love and acceptance,  joining them on their journey toward self-sufficiency
  • Contact: 585-325-1796 or
  • Website:
  • Address: 102 North Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Serving food, washing dishes and engaging with residents; help with food pantry, help with men's shelter as greeters

Family Restoration Projects

  • Mission: Family Restoration Project, Inc. (FRP) outreach ministry of New Life Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit community organization that is committed to the restoration, reconciliation and well-being of multi-cultural families in the city of Rochester, New York
  • Contact: 585-328-9270
  • Address: 360 Wellington Ave Rochester NY 14619
  • Volunteer Opportunities: To provide emergency food services to identified families within the Southwest Community of Rochester NY

Freddie Thomas Foundation

  • Contact: 585-454-4586
  • Address: 147 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester NY 14604
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Educational fundraising for students of the Rochester Schools

Open Door Mission

  • Contact: Lisa Fees, 585-454-6696
  • Address: Caring Center at 156 Plymouth Ave, Rochester, NY or Crisis Housing Center at 210 West Main Street, Rochester, NY 14608
  • Website:
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Serving food at soup kitchen, PB&J factories programs

St. Joseph's House of Hospitality

  • Contact: 585-232-3262
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Please contact the agency directly for opportunities

St. Martin's Place

  • Contact: Sister Claire 585-325-6500
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Please contact the agency directly for opportunities