Workout Center Policies

Everyone who uses the WOC must scan their finger and be admitted through the entry gates every time they enter the WOC, even if they have already scanned that day.

Anyone who is not a WOC member and is observed trying to avoid the scan or using the emergency exits for entry may be subject to arrest for theft of services.

  1. Only clean, dry athletic footwear is permitted. For reasons of cleanliness and safety, no bare or stocking feet, dress shoes, sandals, work shoes or boots are allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  2. Only athletic clothing is permitted. No jeans.
  3. No chalk, food or beverages (other than water) are permitted in the workout area.
  4. Jumping rope is not allowed in the Weight Room. Please use the Cardio Room for jumping rope. Jump ropes are available.
  5. Please do not remove any WOC Equipment from the Cardio Room or take any weights from the Weight Room onto the Cardio Room.
  6. Coats, bags and other personal items are not allowed in either workout area. These items may be kept in the "cubbie" storage area by the desks or on the coat racks by the doors.
  7. Please do not ask WOC Staff to hold or watch your valuables. 
  8. Lost iPods, jewelry, watches, phones that are found by WOC Staff are taken immediately to University Police. We do not have space to keep items of clothing, so clothing is held for a few days, then donated to charity. Water bottles are recycled.
  9. The WOC is not responsible for lost or missing items.
  10. Bicycles and other large items cannot be stored in the WOC. Bike racks are located outside the rear entrance to Merritt Athletic Center.
  11. The WOC phone at the main desk needs to be kept free for emergencies. Personal calls are not permitted.
  12. During busy periods, cardio equipment use is limited to 30 minutes per visit.
  13. Please be considerate and limit your time during peak hours of use.
  14. Time on each machine may be monitored by WOC Staff.
  15. Free weight lifters should use a spotter when using heavy weights.
  16. Please do not drop or throw the weights. It is unsafe in a crowded gym, and the noise is distracting. Dropping the weights or allowing the weight stack on the Nautilus Equipment to slam down will cause damage to the equipment. If you repeatedly drop or throw weights, you may be asked to leave the WOC.
  17. Please bring a towel and wipe the machines down after use.
  18. Antiseptic spray and cleaning towels are available at the desks & throughout the WOC. Antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer also available.
  19. If another member is already using a piece of equipment that you want to use, please be considerate and either wait your turn, or offer to share the equipment.
  20. Rude, excessively loud or aggressive behavior, causing damage to WOC or recreational equipment, horseplay or profanity will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the facility and/or suspension or revocation of your membership. 

Please be considerate of other members when using the WOC. The WOC is a social gathering place, just like a mall, coffee shop or place of work.

Anyone who refuses to follow the above policies or refuses to comply with WOC Staff may have their membership suspended or revoked without refund. Thank you for your help.