Accommodate Information

What is Accommodate?

Accommodate is a comprehensive online data management system that streamlines student accommodation requests, notifications, appointments, test bookings, and more all in one place.

Starting Spring 2023, new and current students can submit academic accommodation requests and schedule appointments via Accommodate. Please note that the test center booking module will launch Fall 2023. We will continue to utilize our current test center appointment procedure and scheduling system for the Spring 2023 semester.

Students requesting a housing accommodation or emotional support animal will need to follow the current processes. 

If you have questions about the accommodation request process, or are experiencing difficulty using Accommodate, please contact our office via phone (585-245-5112), email (, or in person (Erwin Hall 22). We will respond to your message within 24 business hours.

Accommodate for Students

New Students

Students who are not yet connected to the OAS who wish to request academic accommodations need to submit a Public Accommodation Request (PAR) form. Documentation may be uploaded with the PAR or sent to the OAS separately via email (, fax (585-245-5091), or in person (Erwin Hall 22).

Students Already Receiving Accommodations

Students who have already connected to the OAS and who wish to request new academic accommodations will log into Accommodate with their Geneseo credentials and complete a supplemental accommodation request. Updated documentation may be uploaded with the PAR or sent to the OAS separately via email (, fax (585-245-5091), or in person (Erwin Hall 22).

Scheduling an Appointment 

To schedule an appointment with an OAS staff member via Accommodate: 

1. Login to Accommodate
2. Click the Appointments link in the main menu
3. Choose the relevant appointment type

Please note that virtual meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams starting April 1. Visit Microsoft Teams at Geneseo to learn how to install the Teams application on your computer/device.

More to Come

Starting in the Fall 2023 semester, students with approved accommodations will submit a semester accommodation request to select which accommodations they require for which course(s). Letters of Accommodation will then be automatically sent to students and course instructors. Stay tuned for more important information about Accommodate throughout the semester.