Detailed Steps for Completing an Exam Form

  1. Log into Accommodate
  2. Click on 'Courses and Exams' > Click on the name of the course

    Courses and Exams tab on left side of the faculty Accommodate navigation panel with a red circle around it
    Hagrid Test Course with a red circle around it
  3. Click on the 'Instructors: Exam Form' tab > 'Add New Exam'

    Instructors: Exam Form tab with red circle around it
  4. Include a title of the exam (e.g., Midterm Exam)
  5. Indicate the time given to all students in class (in minutes) 
    • If a student has an extended time accommodation, Accommodate will calculate the exam length accordingly
  6. Select a date and time range that students can take the exam in the Testing Center
    • By selecting a range, all details are able to connect to any request for that exam
    • Students may need to take it at a different time or day than the rest of the class in order to use their extended time if they have back-to-back classes, or if the exam is scheduled for outside Testing Center hours (8am-4pm)

      • The OAS reviews these alternate day/time requests to make sure it is for an appropriate reason (e.g., class schedule conflict)
      Exam Date and Time Range Section
  7. Please include your contact information in case we need to get ahold of you during the exam, and add details/instructions for the exam
  8. Attach a copy of the exam
    • If the exam is not yet ready, you can wait until a day before the exam to upload it
    • To return to the exam form to upload, repeat steps #1-3, and click on the exam link. All details will already be saved. Just click on 'upload attachment.'
    • If you make any last-minute changes to the exam, or provide an alternate version for a student or different course section, please send it to us directly (via email at, or in-person)
  9. Please keep 'Apply to All Records' as 'Yes'
  10. Click 'Submit'
    1. Attachments Upload File with a red circle around it, and Apply to All Records Yes filled in with a red circle and blue Submit button with a red circle