Letters of Accommodation

Students must submit a semester request to renew their academic accommodations each semester. Once their semester request is approved by our office, faculty will receive an email notification to log into Accommodate to view the letter of accommodation.

To view a student's letter of accommodation, please follow the steps below and/or refer to the how-to video below. 

1. Login to Accommodate
2. Navigate to the left panel and click 'Accommodation Letters'
3. Students in your courses with Letters of Accommodation will appear here. Click on the letter of accommodation link next to 'Requested'.
4. Review the letter and provide an acknowledgement at the boom and click 'Submit'
5. Letters you have already reviewed will show as 'Acknowledged'

If you have questions or concerns about how the accommodations will work for your particular course, please contact Amy Fisk directly via email at afisk@geneseo.edu, or call 585-245-5360.