Geneseo Storyteller: Gregory Pellerin '89

Gregory and friends

Geneseo was the right size school for me. It was small enough for me to get personalized attention, but big enough to have plenty of opportunities. Having grown up in Ithaca and living in the shadow of Cornell University all my life, I felt Geneseo as something closer and more personal. I was going with the idea of what was called the three-two engineering program. Three years at Geneseo, two years at another institution, and walking away with two bachelor's degrees. By the time I got to the end of my third year, I was enjoying Geneseo too much, so I just stayed and got my bachelor's in Physics. The friendship, camaraderie, and the whole life at campus stood out to me. It was a great four years and I grew so much as an individual through my college years. Learning about yourself, your limits, what you're good at, and what you want to do made Geneseo perfect for me. I still have friendships that are active even 30 years after I made them. I was on the swimming team. They were a great set of friends and we were a close-knit bunch, both men and women. The swimming team taught me how to extend my limits and do a better job at prioritizing my time. When I found a challenge, I had close friends I could talk to and ask for help. Even with the faculty, staff and the people at the departments, we were all on a first-name basis. They knew you well enough to have a personal conversation about your struggles and help you through them. If you're going to Geneseo, you should soak all the experiences in. Enjoy it and try lots of things, but remember to keep your focus on the end goal.