Mission Statement

AOP Mission Statement

The mission of the Access Opportunity Programs (AOP) is to identify, through a cooperative relationship with the Office of Admissions, academically talented students who are capable and willing to add their own unique talent to the fabric of the Geneseo community of learners. The AOP department serves as a support system for its students throughout their developmental years in college. Through relationships with the administration, faculty and staff, we assist in the encouragement and facilitation of co-curricular opportunities for our students.  This allows them to meet the College's mission of developing socially responsible citizens with skills and values important to the pursuit of an enriched life and success in the world.

In order to accomplish this mission, the AOP department sponsors a variety of support services geared towards helping students understand their own personal role in the development of their experience as a student educated within a liberal arts institution. These support and developmental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Outstanding academic advisement services across academic disciplines
  • Innovative student development workshops geared toward intellectual, career and social development
  • Counselor/student ratios that allow for the creation of an environment of support and cooperation
  • Personal development initiatives and programs geared toward the development of the whole student.

The Isom E. Fearn Access Opportunity Programs (AOP) serves as the College's means of meeting the higher educational aspirations of academically talented students who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of both New York State as well as neighboring states with similar diverse student populations. This includes minority students (as identified by the U.S. Census), first-generation college students, and student from high schools which are identified as serving low-income and/or rural students. 

While the programs housed under the umbrella of AOP serve different segments of society, they are similar in that they provide educational access opportunities and academic support services to participants. It is through this relationship that we try and foster individuality, personal responsibility, initiative, determination and effort from our students in all of their academic and personal endeavors. For more information about the Access Opportunity Programs (AOP), contact us at:

Access Opportunity Programs (AOP)
Blake C Building, Room 207
(585-245-5725) (Phone)
(585-245-5720) (Fax)