AOP Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AOP application process differ from that of general applicants?

All SUNY Geneseo Access Opportunity Program (AOP) applicants must complete a SUNY Application or a Common Application in order to become a candidate for admission. In order to apply for admission through New York State’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the applicant must read and respond to EOP related eligibility questions when completing the SUNY or Common Application and FAFSA applications. 

Although AOP applicants may not satisfy all of the academic standards required for general admission, their potential for academic success at Geneseo will be established through a more in-depth examination of their academic history. Supporting and/or verifying documentation will include a counselor or teacher recommendation, standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, or GED) if applicable, and a high school transcript. In some cases, an on-campus interview and/or TOEFL scores will be required.

How do I apply for admission through AOP?

Follow the links to see more complete information on applying through EOP. After completing the SUNY Application or the Common Application, an applicant will be considered through one of Geneseo’s Access Opportunity Programs if:

  • The applicant responds to the EOP eligibility related question on the SUNY or Common Application as well as the FAFSA application.

Be sure to check your mail and e-mail for further instructions after you have submitted your Common Application or SUNY Application.  If you have not received anything from Geneseo within three weeks after submitting your application, call the AOP office at (585-245-5725).

What are the application and admission requirements for EOP?

  • Applicants must answer the question related to EOP eligibility as outlined on the Common Application or SUNY Application and satisfy New York State’s EOP economic guidelines as specified on the website located here
  • EOP Transfer Applicant must have been previously enrolled as a participant of EOP, HEOP, SEEK, College Discovery (CD) or designated a Full Opportunity Program (FOP) student at a New York State college/university that does not sponsor one of the above programs and must have earned at least 2.5 GPA.

Are AOP students subject to different requirements than other students?

AOP students are ordinarily not placed into any courses that are not open to all Geneseo students. However, AOP students are expected to adhere to certain guidelines designed to provide a successful and rewarding academic experience at Geneseo. Academic support services (counseling, tutoring and student developmental workshops, etc.) are provided at no cost to AOP students throughout their undergraduate career at Geneseo. Program expectation are listed below:

  • All AOP students are required to participate in the four-week AOP Summer Scholars Program throughout the month of July and August. 
  • All AOP students are required, to maintain a continuous relationship with their AOP counselor throughout their academic career at Geneseo
  • Academic performance will be closely monitored through use of academic progress reports during the first four semesters of study
  • AOP freshmen are required to participate in several AOP sponsored student development workshops during their first semester of study
  • Selection of first-semester courses will be determined in part on the basis of high school academic credentials

Are AOP students academically successful?

Over the past ten years, the graduation rate for Geneseo’s AOP students has consistently matched or exceeded the mean graduation rate for all US Colleges/Universities, and graduate degrees have been earned at many of the nation’s most prestigious college/universities in business, medicine, law, education, social sciences and natural sciences. Many AOP students broaden their educational experience by participation in study abroad programs across the globe.

Can AOP students participate in extracurricular activities?

AOP students are active in all phases of college life. In addition to serving in leadership positions in many student organizations, AOP students participate as athletes, artists, and performers (plays and musicals). They also serve as tutors and resident hall assistants (RAs).

How do I apply for financial aid?

If you are interested in financial aid, please do the following:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Compete the Express TAP Application (ETA)

All AOP applicants are encouraged to submit a copy of the above (completed) applications to the AOP Office for advisement purposes. Additionally, applicants who are resident aliens should submit a copy of their green cards (both sides).

Am I required to attend the AOP Summer Scholars Program?

Yes, all AOP freshmen with no college experience are required to participate in a pre-freshmen residential summer program during the months of July and/or August.  Participation costs for EOP students is minimal as the State's Educational Opportunity Program will share costs. In addition to being tested and receiving instruction in specific subject areas, pre-freshmen will be introduced to the college through their AOP counselor and various information sessions that cover topics such as career selection, college survival, time management, financial aid and core requirements. Their AOP Counselor will provide personal attention with academic, financial aid, and course selection/registration matters, as well as, with social, cultural and resident hall matters. Successful completion of the summer program will confirm final admission for freshmen.

Where is SUNY Geneseo located?

Geneseo is a village (population 7,000) located in the Genesee Valley of the Finger Lakes region in Western New York. The campus sits on a hillside overlooking the valley.

In many ways, Geneseo combines the best of two worlds; we’re close to major cities, Rochester and Buffalo, and yet enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities of the Finger Lakes region. Letchworth State Park, Conesus Lake, Bristol Valley and Swain ski areas are just some of the recreational areas within a few miles of the campus.

For more information, contact:

Access Opportunity Programs (AOP)
Blake C Building, Room 207
SUNY Geneseo
1 College Circle
Geneseo, N.Y. 14454
(585-245-5725); Fax: (585-245-5720)