Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), a parallel of CUNY’s SEEK programs, was extended to the State University of New York in 1968 to provide higher education to traditionally bypassed residents of New York State.

The program is aimed at students who have the potential to complete a college degree, but do not meet the general admission requirements because their academic credentials may have been adversely affected during their high school years by economic factors.

Applicants are required to provide specific supporting and verifying documentation before admission decisions will be rendered. Specific state economic guidelines must be followed, and telephone interviews will be required.

Although EOP applicants represent some of the brightest students in New York State, due to the high academic standards for admission, applicants seeking admission through EOP ordinarily do not satisfy one or more of Geneseo's general admission requirements. Given their academic potential, however, a more in-depth review of their academic credentials is used to assess their potential for success at SUNY Geneseo. 

Counselors and applicants who would like additional information about applying for admission through this program may fill out an AOP information request form or contact Geneseo AOP (585-245-5725) or Geneseo Admissions (585-245-5571) directly.

Sturges Hall

Services provided by the department:

  • Students are assigned counselors to assist with personal, financial, academic and career matters.
  • Tutorial services are available free of charge.
  • Students are eligible for a stipend each semester to help offset the cost of textbooks.
  • A four-week summer program is provided during July to help acclimate students to campus. It is mandatory and free to EOP students.

EOP Eligibility

GPA: A high school GPA between 74 and 89 (first-year students).

Standardized Test Score: Not Required 

TOEFL/GED: Score of 71 or higher (internet-based test) OR a score of 197 or higher on the (computer based exam); OR a score of 2,750 or above on GED examination. GED recipients are required to provide high school transcripts up through their separation from high school. All applicants must be high school graduates or GED recipients.

Transfers: Applicants must be “previously” EOP at another college.  Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher based upon full-time enrollment for one year for consideration. The strongest transfer candidates will have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher. 

Applicants must have resided in New York State for at least one year prior to their application for admission and/or completed their last two terms of secondary education in a high school located in New York State. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens and claim to have permanent resident status must be able to provide a copy of their alien registration card (green card). Emancipated applicants must document independence.

Given limited slots, admission priority will be extended to those applicants who are most disadvantaged as defined by New York State EOP guidelines.

Applicants must meet specific EOP academic and income eligibility guidelines. For updated income eligibility guidelines, please see SUNY's EOP income guidelines

The Educational Opportunity Program admissions process considers the individual circumstances of the applicant. An initial review shall consist of the applicant’s grades in high school (or college grades in the case of transfer students). In order to accurately assess an applicant’s academic potential and educational needs, the following information must be provided: Recommendations (ordinarily teacher or counselor), a completed copy of SUNY Geneseo's Educational Opportunity Program Information Form (EOPIF) and proof of income for the year prior to admission. (e.a., 1040 federal tax report, Social Services verification letter, Social Security award letter, etc.)

Note: Students who are offered admission to the College through EOP are required to pay a $25 tuition deposit and a $25 housing deposit.

Students seeking admission to the College through EOP should complete and submit all required forms and applications as soon as possible. A candidate for admission to Geneseo through EOP cannot be fully evaluated until all forms are completed and filed with the AOP Office. 

How to Apply for EOP

Students applying to SUNY Geneseo will be considered for admission through EOP if they fulfill and complete all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the SUNY Application or the Common Application
  2. Respond to the EOP eligibility related questions on both the SUNY as well as the FAFSA applications
  3. Satisfy New York State’s EOP economic guidelines
  4. Complete the SUNY EOP Financial Information Form (EOPIF) . Students who submit the Common Application must also submit the SUNY EOPIF.  Those students may set up an account and fill out the electronic version of the EOPIF here .  Students who submit the SUNY Application will be linked to the electronic EOPIF as part of the application process.  *Video Tutorial on How To Complete the SUNY EOP Information Form
  5. Proofs of income must be submitted to the Geneseo Financial Aid Office as stated on the top of page two of the EOPIF depending upon your source/s of income (i.e. Federal 1040 tax report, Social Services Verification letter, etc.)

For any questions or concerns, contact us at:

Access Opportunity Programs (AOP)
Blake C Building, Room 207
SUNY Geneseo
1 College Circle
Geneseo, New York 14454
(585) 245-5725 (Phone)
(585) 245-5720 (Fax)