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Tutoring Services for AOP Students


If you need extra help in a course and prefer individualized or small group tutoring, you can schedule an appointment with a highly accomplished tutor to assist you in your learning.

Our tutors have taken these courses, achieving a B+ or higher, and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Students interested in applying to be a tutor must be mature role models and possess an understanding of their unique responsibility as stewards of the AOP support services. Tutorial services are funded by the AOP Department.

AOP students may continue to book appointments with tutors via Navigate and will "meet" with tutors via Zoom, or Google "Hangouts".

AOP tutoring is designed to:

  • Facilitate practice of course materials
  • Provide clarification and increase understanding
  • Provide test/quiz review
  • Answer questions
  • Model and show how to use effective study skills
  • Encourage and motivate
  • Assist student in improving GPA/grade within a course
  • Support students in achieving their personal goals


You can book 15, 30 or 45 minute appointments. If you did not book a session, there are walk-in appointments available but students who make an appointment will be given priority.

15 Minutes: Quick questions, help with single home-work problem, etc.

30 Minutes: Individual sessions. Lengthier home-work help, struggling with concepts, class review, etc.

45 Minutes: Group sessions, exam review, group projects, homework help, struggling with concepts, class review, etc. All students in the group must be in the same program.

Current Tutors and Coordinators

Beverley Henke-Lofquist
Access Opportunity Programs TOP Counselor and Tutoring Co-Coordinator
Blake C 210 - 585-245-5725

Flossie Stephens
Access Opportunity Programs TOP Counselor and Tutoring Co-Coordinator
Blake C 215 - 585-245-5725