Professional Development Certificate (School of Business Requirement)

A distinctive feature of the School of Business at Geneseo is the Professional Development requirement. In today’s competitive job market, it takes more than just a diploma to land the best jobs. We are committed to helping students develop job-search and career-management and leadership skills in addition to what is learned in the classroom.SUNY Geneseo School of Business Logo

The Professional Development Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the required workshops and four elective workshops that have a focus on leadership skills.

**Additional workshops can and will be added during the academic year, check your email often for updates.**

Required Workshops

First Year

  • School of Business Orientation (Offered: 1/30/19)
  • Career Exploration (Offered: 2/19/19, 3/28/19)
  • Creating a LinkedIn Account (Offered: 2/28/19, 3/14/19)
  • Writing Resumes and Cover Letters that get you an interview (Offered: 1/29/19, 2/5/19, 3/13/19, 3/25/19, 4/4/19)

Second Year

  • Introduction to Interviewing Skills (Offered: 1/31/19, 2/14/19, 4/3/19)
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills (Offered: 2/21/19, 3/5/19, 4/1/19, 4/10/19)
  • Networking 101: Making a Lasting Impression (Offered: 2/5/19, 2/12/19, 2/26/19, 3/14/19, 4/2/19)

Third Year

  • Job Search Strategies (Offered: 3/7/19, 4/4/19, 4/18/19)

Additional Workshops

Addition of four elective workshops.

  • PDC Elective 1
  • PDC Elective 2
  • PDC Elective 3
  • PDC Elective 4