Lei Gao

Associate Professor: School Of Business
South Hall 115C
Portrait of Lei Gao

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Curriculum Vitae


  • B.A., Renmin University of China

  • Ph.D., University of Kansas


  • American Accounting Association


  • Gao, L., et. al. (2013). ?An Investigation of SEC ?Speech GAAP?.? Research in Accounting Regulation.

  • Gao, L., Gu, A. (2012). The Relationship between Chinese Real Estate Market and Stock Market. Journal of International Business Research, 11(1)(11(1)), 73-80.

Research Interests

Dr. Gao's research interests are in management of risk and fraud.


  • ACCT 102: Intro to Financial Accounting

    An introduction to financial accounting theory and practice. Emphasis is given to basic financial accounting concepts; the generally accepted accounting principles associated with accounting for assets, liabilities, and ownership interests; and the analysis of financial statements.

  • ACCT 520: Advanced Auditing Theory

    This course is a study of audit theory and the application of that theory to accounting systems (cycles) and financial statements. Auditing standards, planning, internal control evaluation and evidence accumulation as they relate to the accounting systems and auditor reports are emphasized, along with an exploration of the professional responsibilities and dilemmas faced by independent auditors.