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Levison Award of Excellence


Dr. Kenneth Levison retired from SUNY Geneseo in June 2011.  Dr. Levison was an integral part, not only to the campus itself but also to Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS).

The Levison Award of Excellence was established by CAS to recognize members of the College or CAS's professional, non-teaching staff, employed at either organization for more than 7 years and who have  1) consistently exhibited exemplary leadership skills and service contributions,  2) have acted as a role model and mentor for others,  3) have been leaders on the campus not only in his/her job but by actively participating widely in the campus community and the community beyond.  While the core enterprise of the college is teaching, without the support of all the staff, the college would be hard-pressed to achieve its high standing.  It is through their work, sometimes indirectly, that our students receive an outstanding and well-rounded education.  This award, then, is not intended to recognize only outstanding achievement in one's professional position, but rather a high level of leadership skills and service contributions that extend well beyond, displaying leadership with involvement in many areas.

Nomination Criteria

We are seeking to recognize an individual based on the criteria below, has made an impact on the campus community.  This individual will have the honor of receiving the Levison Award of Excellence.  Recipients will receive a medallion and a check in the amount of $250 from CAS.  The established criteria for this award are:

  • Performance -- Consistent high level of performance that results in a recognizable and meaningful impact on the organization (CAS and/or College)
  • Commitment -- Continuous involvement in supporting the mission of the organization (CAS and/or College) and achieving results that serve as a role model to other members of the campus community
  • High Standards -- Exemplary and consistent demonstration of personal qualities such as integrity, dedication, professionalism, and leadership
  • Contributions -- Specific examples of achievements that further the mission of the organization (CAS and/or College)


Nominations for the 2022 academic year will be accepted in April of 2022. Please check back for updates.

Nominations can be submitted by faculty or staff of CAS or SUNY Geneseo. A committee comprised of a group of stakeholders will evaluate the nominations and recommend one candidate for the award.