MicroFridge Rentals

You Never Know When Hunger Will Strike!

While our on-campus restaurants & cafés are open late, sometimes nothing can be as convenient as having a nicely stocked fridge right in your residence hall. CAS partners with Refrigerator Leasing Company to provide and deliver MicroFridge units to campus for students living in the residence halls.

Microwave and Refrigerator Combo

Fridges can be purchased from any store and brought to campus for use in the residence halls, so long as they meet guidelines. The MicroFridge (combination microwave and refrigerator) allows students to have a microwave in their room as well. Normally, microwaves are not permitted due to power restrictions, but since the unit is wired together and the power to the fridge is shut off when the microwave is in use, the MicroFridge is permissible.

Energy Star Compliant—Help Us Save Energy!

The Energy Star compliant refrigerator shuts off temporarily while the microwave runs, using the power of a single appliance. Household microwaves use 1100 watts or more. Our 700 watt microwave means at least 34% less energy consumption. A powerful 700 watt microwave for hot treats, zero degree freezer for frozen goodies, and a 2.9 cubic foot refrigerator for energy drinks, cold water, leftovers, and everything else you and your roommate can fit inside. When the Dining Complex is closed, the MicroFridge is open.

Order by August 5 to have this in your room when you arrive.

MicroFridge is available for $229.00/academic year. For more information on MicroFridge rental, please visit the Refrigerator Leasing Company.