Chemistry Summer Research Fellowships

The Chemistry Dept Alumni Summer Research Fellowship program provides 8-week, on-campus, paid research opportunities for Geneseo Chemistry and Biochemistry students. The Fellowships provide a stipend, funds to purchase research materials, and enable students to work with Chemistry faculty on a cutting edge research project. The Fellowships are funded by the generous support of Geneseo Chemistry alumni, including Dr. Kenny Lipkowtiz and Dr. Gerry Rhodes.



Applications for the 2024 Fellowship Program can be submitted via the link below and are due April 26, 2024. Additional questions can be directed to the Geneseo Chemistry Department Chair, Dr. Jeffrey Peterson (


Program Details

  • The program provides a $4,000 stipend and $500 research materials fee.
  • The program is not able to provide housing. Students are responsible for securing their own housing and/or transportation arrangements.
  • The program runs for an 8-week period, sometime between May 20 - Aug 9, 2024. Specific timing (including both the dates and weekly schedule) is coordinated with and agreed upon by the faculty mentor and Research Fellow.
  • Students are encouraged to contact a potential research advisor and discuss research projects and timing. Information about faculty research areas and faculty contact information can be found on the Department web site.
  • Application requirements are detailed below. Additional questions can be directed to the Geneseo Chemistry Department Chair, Dr. Jeffrey Peterson (


Past Chemistry Alumni Summer Research Fellows

2023 - Brian Murphy (Webb)
2023 - Trevor Bollinger (Webb)
2022 - Maggie Hintz 'Organic Process Development with Green Reaction Solvents' (Helms)
2022 - Madison Keift 'Self-assembly of Amyloid b and a- synuclein' (Yokoyama)
2021 - Theresa Lam (Yokoyama)
2021 - Jack Santariello (Yokoyama)
2020 - Kaylee Hausrath (Yokoyama)
2020 - Akane Ichiki (Yokoyama)
2019 - Victoria Riveria (Tate)
2019 - Akane Ichiki (Yokoyama)
2018 - Tenzin Oshoe (Yokoyama)
2019 - Luke Holtzmann (Alam)

General Application Requirements

1. Completed application form, including a 1-pg personal statement, describing any previous research or laboratory experience you may have, why you are interested in this experience, and how it will help you achieve your future goals.

2. Applicants must be a chemistry or biochemistry major.

3. Applicants must be a current full-time student at the College and have completed at least one full semester on campus.

4. Applicants must plan to return to Geneseo as a full-time student the following semester.

5. Research projects must be done under the direct supervision and mentorship of a Geneseo Chemistry Department faculty member.

Preferred Candidate Qualifications

1. Potential for excellence in chemistry or biochemistry research, broadly defined.

2. Potential for continued and on-going research efforts that extend beyond the summer period.

3. Minimum overall GPA of 3.0.