Chemistry Majors & Minors

The Chemistry Department provides a nurturing and rigorous environment for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in chemistry and related fields.

Small classes taught by faculty instructors dedicated to student success, modern laboratories and instrumentation, and access to cutting edge research opportunities make Geneseo stand out.

Students can pursue degrees in: 

Find the degree that is right for you.

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Degree Programs


B.A. in Chemistry

If you are considering double majoring in another department, or just want a more general education in chemistry, then the B.A. in chemistry is right for you. With fewer required courses, you have more time to explore chemistry course offerings and discuss your options with your advisor or faculty mentor.


American Chemical Society (ACS) certified B.S. in Chemistry

The ACS certified BS in Chemistry is recommended for those intending to pursue graduate work in chemistry or those who wish to pursue interdisciplinary study and obtain a degree certified by a professional organization (e.g., environmental chemistry, biochemistry or chemical physics).  


B.A. in Chemistry, Adolescence Education: Chemistry and General Science

Students seeking Initial Certification in Adolescence Education must complete the requirements for a BA in addition to the requirements set forth in the School of Education program description. 


Minor in Chemistry 

The minor in chemistry is offered to provide students with a basic understanding of the structure and behavior of matter at the atomic and molecular level.


B.S. in Biochemistry

If you have strong interests in the biological side of chemistry, then a biochemistry major might be best for you. Realize, however, that majoring in chemistry does not mean that you cannot go to graduate school in biochemistry or vice versa. This interdisciplinary program of study is administered by both the Biology and Chemistry departments, and includes faculty from both departments.

3-2 Chemical Engineering

B.A. in Chemical Engineering Five-Year, 3-2

This program, described in the advising guide at the end of this section, allows students to earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree (in chemistry) from Geneseo and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Clarkson College, or Columbia University.


B.S. in Biophysics

An interdisciplinary program to prepare students for graduate study and subsequent careers in Biophysics. This interdisciplinary program of study is administered by Physics, Biology and Chemistry departments, and includes faculty from all three departments. Biophysics is not available to students majoring in Neuroscience.


B.S. in Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for graduate study, medical school, and careers focused on Neuroscience research. This program emphasizes basic research methods and the practical application of those methods to the process of scientific discovery.

Cannot be used as a second major with Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, or Psychology.


B.A. in Geochemistry

The primary objective of this interdisciplinary program is to prepare students for both immediate careers and graduate-level study in geophysics. The program differs from the Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Geological Sciences and Physics since it provides the background in both mathematics and physics that is required for solution of problems in the field of solid earth geophysics.


The courses offered range from general chemistry, to the two-semester sequence of organic chemistry and more advanced courses in analytical, biochemistry, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Many students also choose to do research, as hands-on laboratory experience is vital in the development of a chemist. When graduating from our department, undergraduate students follow diverse paths, such as working for the chemical industry or going to graduate and medical school.

Course descriptions for both introductory and advanced classes are available to help students select the right courses. 

Study Abroad

Geneseo Study Abroad in Japan

 Broaden your perspective and enhance your resume with a study abroad experience during your college years. Whether you're interested in a short-term, semester- or year-long program, Study Abroad can connect you to interesting and varied opportunities around the world. Chemistry faculty specifically sponsor trips in Mona, Jamaica and Japan. Contact Prof. Ruel McKnight or Prof. Kazu Yokoyama for more information.


Information about ACS Certification

The American Chemical Society (ACS) degree certification is widely recognized program certification that ensures that the chemistry department's curriculum with respect to its breadth and depth, the qualifications of the chemistry faculty, the adequacy of the facilities, condition of instrumentation, access to current chemical literature, and opportunities for a meaningful research experience are aligned with best practices designed to prepare students for success in a broad array of careers. The ACS-certified BS degree in Chemistry does not meet any professional licensure or professional certification requirements in New York.

Please also see the NYS professional license disclosure.