Geneseo Wireless Network

The SUNY Geneseo wireless network is an enterprise solution composed of redundant centralized controllers and access points manufactured by Cisco. Nearly all wireless devices commercially available today are compatible with our wireless network.

Wireless network access is a shared service which cannot be isolated to specific rooms or areas. For this reason, CIT will not disable the wireless network in classrooms for tests, exams, or other reasons.

More about the Geneseo wireless network

Wireless Networks at Geneseo

There are three wireless networks available on the SUNY Geneseo campus:

  • eduroam
  • Geneseo Guest
  • gPlay

eduroam is the preferred campus wireless network. This wireless network is secure (encrypted), works with almost any client, and is available at college campuses all over the world.

Geneseo Guest is intended for campus guests only. This network should not be used by any faculty, staff or students. This network is not encrypted and communications over this wireless network can be overheard by malicious individuals.

gPlay is a wireless network restricted to gaming consoles and other media streaming devices that cannot connect to encrypted networks such as "eduroam".

Connecting to the Geneseo Wireless Network

How to connect to the Geneseo wireless network

Wireless Coverage on the Geneseo Campus

There is wireless coverage in every academic and residential building at SUNY Geneseo. Many outdoor areas also have wireless coverage. These include: The College Green, South Hall Quad, Sturges Quad and the College Union outdoor seating area. Outdoor areas near each building may also be close enough to a transmitter to connect to the network and take advantage of Geneseo's Internet connection.

Real-time status of the SUNY Geneseo wireless network

Requesting Wireless Coverage in a Campus Building

Buildings with several wireless transmitters may still have "dark areas" where wireless coverage is marginal due to structural or electrical interference. You can use our web form to report locations with poor or no coverage. Alternately, you can make a report by contacting your TSP or emailing

Geneseo's Internet Connection

SUNY Geneseo takes great pride in the management of our campus Internet connection. This shared resource is critical to every member of the campus community. To ensure the safest and most reliable service possible, CIT utilizes these systems to manage, secure, and control our Internet connection.

Exinda Bandwidth Manager

Exinda allows us to ensure that a sufficient percentage of the campus Internet connection is always available for academic endeavors. We also use the Exinda to prohibit applications that use an unusually large amount of the campus Internet connection.

How Geneseo uses Exinda.

Cisco Firewall

The firewall allows us to control, at a very granular level, the network traffic entering the campus network. This system, based on the source and destination computers, allows us to protect the campus network from network intruders.

How Geneseo uses Cisco firewall.

TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems

Our Intrusion Prevention system scans all inbound and outbound Internet traffic. Traffic is compared to a database of "network traffic signatures" which are updated regularly. Any traffic that matches a signature is blocked just outside the border of the campus network. CIT has some discretion regarding which signatures we activate, but nearly all of them are active because they are almost all signatures of malicious activity.

How Geneseo uses Intrusion Prevention System.


ResNet is a common phrase used by many institutions to describe the network available to students that live in Residence Halls. Geneseo provides connection of one ResNet "port per pillow." Students' computers can connect to ResNet at no extra charge.

How to connect to ResNet

SUNY Geneseo requires incoming freshmen or undergraduate students to bring a notebook computer to Geneseo.

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