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Commission Membership (2018-2019)

Gabriel Iturbides (Co-Chair), Assistant Director of AOP
Jim Aimers (Co-Chair), Associate Professor of Anthropology
Cathy Adams, Associate Professor of History
Christa Aldrich, Employment Coordinator for Professional Services
Alex Carlo, Clinical Director for Lauderdale Counseling Services
Miglena Charpied, Director of Development (Student & Campus Life, Diversity)
Joe Cope, Interim Associate Provost for Student Success
Yadelin Fernandez, Student
Tim Finnigan, Library Clerk 3
Sarah Frank, Associate Director of Student Life
Mallory Giambra, Marketing Director, Campus Auxiliary Services
Glenn Geiser-Getz, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Alex Gryta Harrigan, Admissions Counselor
Jennifer Guzmán, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Daniel Jacques, Prep Room & Stockroom Supervisor, Chemistry
Jennifer Kenyon, Director of International Students & Scholar Services
David Parfitt, Director of Teaching and Learning Center
Anne Pellerin, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Julie Rao, Director of Institutional Research
Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Programs & Services
robbie routenberg, Chief Diversity Officer (ex-officio)
Paul Schacht, Professor of English
Monica Schneider, Professor of Psychology
Laura Swanson, Staff Counselor, Health and Counseling
Atsushi Tajima, Associate Professor of Communication
Leslie Tetteh, Student
Eunisha Tucker, Coordinator, LGBTQ Programs and Services
Scott Williams, Student
Kimberley Willis, College Registrar