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Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate

 Picture of Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate Sticker

 Certificate/Sticker Design by Artist,                                                                                    ~Morgan Hernandez:

"This sticker design was created to describe the Advancing Cultural Competency (ACCC) Program. It is intended for people to understand that even though everyone comes from various backgrounds, they all deserve respect, no matter what their life experiences are.

The gradient black to beige/khaki shade border on the top and the bottom of the image, symbolizes the variations of skin tones amongst our campus community. This is to remind us that people come in all shades and should be respected.

The multicolored triangles symbolize the multiplicity of aspects that one person holds. These aspects overlap and are colorful because they are to show that a person's life experience is a result of their intersecting identities. Looking at the colors, they can mean something different for other people because of how they are socialized within their own culture.

The large triangle is to represent the lower end of a diamond. Like any coal put under pressure, they become diamonds. This is a portrayal of the resilience of an individual's experiences and how they come to be the person that they are.

The lavender on the sides of the diamond represents the ACCC participants as allies. This is to show that ACCC participants are actively supporting members of the campus community and are on the sidelines helping to guide and push them to success. This also demonstrates that rather than adding to the pressure, allies are the cushion for those in need of support and they respect everyone's experiences."


This certificate will be awarded to individuals who:

  • Engage meaningfully in the foundational workshop sessions
  • Attend supplemental events on campus to further one’s exploration of cultural competency issues
  • Collaborate within the Advancing Cultural Competency Learning Community to spread the awareness gained through this program to foster a positive climate on campus


Registration for the Spring 2021 sessions, is now closed

Please check back for future sessions.

The Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate (ACCC) is designed to help staff, faculty, and administrators contribute meaningfully to our campus climate where all of our members thrive. This certificate is merely one piece of our ongoing efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion at Geneseo. It builds on our twenty-year history of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Community as well as ongoing research   and programmatic efforts of faculty, staff, committees, task forces, and departments supporting diversity. It is made available to all employees including classified staff, Campus Auxiliary Services employees, faculty, professional staff and administrators, as everyone influences our campus climate.

We understand that as individuals we all have different backgrounds and experiences that shape who we are today. The learning community design of this program provides growth opportunities for all participants regardless of previous knowledge or skills, acknowledging everyone has room to grow and learn. We expect this Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate program will benefit participants not only professionally, but personally as well.  

ACCC participants join a sustained Advancing Cultural Competency Learning Community. Members of this learning community benefit by being part of a group with an intentional representation of faculty/staff/administration from a wide range of campus affiliations. This intentional diversity allows for the exploration of cultural competency issues in a more complex way, and the consideration of a wider range of implications for the campus. This learning community serves as a cohort for relationship building and co-engagement in foundational workshops, with an emphasis on skill development and application to benefit the larger campus community beyond the cohort. 

  • Foundational Workshops: Foundational topics will provide background on key cultural competency issues for everyone to explore; we will also provide information about other campus workshops and events to supplement the learning while allowing more scheduling flexibility. 
  • Application: The learning community will identify ways to spread awareness gained through this program beyond the membership of the cohort. There are endless possible methods for creating this ripple effect; we look forward to the creative efforts to shift our campus climate.

This certificate program is designed to empower individuals with cross-cultural knowledge, understanding, tools, skills, and resources that:

  • Develop and advance self-awareness of their own identity and culture
  • Transform their personal and professional environments to be more inclusive and culturally supportive
  • Will positively impact the cultural climate across the Geneseo college community

In order to accomplish the above goals, individuals within the learning community will develop a continued understanding of topics such as implicit bias, institutional racism, privilege, power, bystander intervention strategies, and how to facilitate change.

Our SUNY Geneseo ACCC Facilitators are:

  • robbie routenberg, Chief Diversity Officer

  • Sarah Frank, Director of Residence Life & Co-Chair of President’s Commission on Diversity & Community

  • Mallory Giambra, Marketing Director, Campus Auxiliary Services

  • Megan Kennerknecht, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

  • David Parfitt, Director of Teaching and Learning Center

  • Monica Schneider, Professor of Psychology & Co-Chair of President’s Commission on Diversity & Community