Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Awards

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Awards

The Geneseo Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Awards to support Geneseo’s commitment to:

  • Recruit, support, and foster the development of a diverse community of outstanding students, alums, faculty and staff.
  • Respect the unique contributions of each individual to the campus community
  • And develop socially responsible citizens with skills and values important to the pursuit of an enriched life and success in the world.

The awards are presented annually to students or student organizations, alums, faculty, and staff who have contributed to diversity and multiculturalism, fulfilling the College's ideals of pluralism and the creation of an environment that nurtures intellectual and personal growth in non-traditional arenas. 

Nominations are made by members of the College community and honorees are selected by a review panel overseen by the President's Commission on Diversity and Community, which administers the awards on behalf of the Office of the President. The awards are presented each spring at the annual Leadership Awards and Recognition Ceremony.

Award Recipients

*Note: No awards were presented in 2021.


  • Julia Deacon, Student
  • Sarah Frank, Staff
  • Morgan Hernandez, Student
  • Anne Pellerin, Faculty


  • Chalia Orellana Herrera, Student
  • Melanie Medeiros, Faculty
  • Madeline Reichler, Student
  • Shekiqua Reid, Student
  • Laura Swanson, Staff


  • Mark Broomfield, Faculty
  • Jennifer Guzmán, Faculty
  • Taylor Keith, Student
  • Mary Rutigliano, Student


  • Between the Lines, Student Organization
  • Barnabas Gikonyo, Faculty
  • Brianna Grant, Student
  • Thomas McCarthy, Student


  • Council for Exceptional Children at Geneseo, Student Organization     
  • LGBTQ Working Group
  • Seung Kim, Student
  • Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, Staff


  • Calvin Gantt, Staff
  • Glenn McClure, Faculty
  • Bruno Villazhinay, Student
  • Jia Wen Zhu, Student


  • Marty Rogachefsky, Student
  • Maya Shah, Student
  • Alexandra Carlo, Staff
  • Julie Rao, Staff


  • Jillian McPherson, Student
  • Jennifer Katz, Faculty


  • Fiona Harvey, Student
  • Stasia Monteiro, Student
  • Rejoyce Owusu, Student
  • Nicole McCawthan, Staff
  • Linda Ware, Faculty


  • Kai Davies, Student
  • Brian Hartle, Student
  • Rose McEwen, Faculty


  • Jasmine Montgomery, Student
  • Catherine Urban, Student
  • Monica Schneider, Faculty


  • Christopher Basso, Student
  • Amanda Gitomer, Student


  • Beth McCoy, Faculty
  • Cindy Durand, Student


  • Jackie Chessen, Student
  • Kate Steinnagel, Student
  • Irene Belyakov, Faculty
  • Joe VanRemmen, Staff


  • Hillary Finnegan, Student
  • SHAKTI, Student Organization
  • Ellen Kintz, Faculty
  • Jeanne Gill, Staff
  • Michelle Singletary, Staff
  • Evelyn Rodriguez, Staff


  • Michelle Brummell, Student
  • Ben Valentine, Student
  • HUG, Student Organization
  • Randy B. Kaplan, Faculty
  • Marie Henry, Staff
  • Kathy Trainor, Staff


  • Daisy Gomez, Student
  • Jacqueline Jones, Student
  • Black Student Union, Student Organization
  • Hillel, Student Organization
  • Elaine Cleeton, Faculty


  • Jennifer Sahrle, Student
  • Anthropology Mural Collective, Student Organization
  • Margaret Matlin, Faculty


  • Ben Valentine, Student
  • Black Student Union, Student Organization
  • Rose Marie Chierici, Faculty
  • Robert Owens, Faculty


  • Susan Lee, Student
  • Maria Lima, Faculty
  • Aisha O’Mally, Student


  • Paula Henry, Faculty
  • Monica Schneider, Faculty
  • Susan Spring, Staff
  • Camille Bell, Student
  • Guillermo Giler, Student


  • Betty Fearn, Staff
  • Emilye Crosby, Faculty
  • Maxime Francis, student
  • Jason Capili, Student