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Journals and Reflections

Journal reflections are required to receive credit for attending a GOLD workshop. In the header at the top of each journal, write your name and GOLD account number, the title of the workshop, and the date of the workshop.

Write your thoughts and reactions in three sections by completing the following three thoughts:

  • I learned...(briefly summarize the information or concepts you learned at this workshop)
  • My story connected to this workshop is...(a real and specific personal experience that relates to the material covered in this workshop)
  • I am planning to...(an example or examples of how you plan to use the content of this workshop in the future)

Further Instructions

  • Wait one or two weeks after a workshop to write your reflection. There are no deadlines for submitting journal reflections.
  • Write using (or convert to) Microsoft word file.
  • Minimum of 250 and maximum of 500 words single spaced
  • Submit by going to your GOLD Account
  • Click on "View GOLD Certificate Progress" and make sure your attendance has been confirmed in your account
  • Click on "Not Submitted"
  • Browse your files to find this journal, open, and click "Submit Journal"
    Credit for submitting journals will normally be confirmed within a week of submission. The confirmation will appear as "journal completed" in your GOLD account.

For assistance with the Leadership Certificate Program or journal reflections, feel free to email