Become a GOLD Leader Mentor

GOLD Leader Mentors are student leaders who volunteer their time to work with the GOLD program. Mentors staff the GOLD Leadership Center in MacVittie College Union Room 114 weekday afternoons & evenings, participate in GOLD events and complete certificate programs, serve as role models for other student leaders and campus organizations, provide information on campus activities and organizations, and help students to make connections and get involved in campus life.

The mentor staff introduce speakers at workshops, oversee student Personal Development Sessions and provide support and assistance for all GOLD programs, including Leadership Certificate Programs. Student leaders and students enrolled in the GOLD Leadership Certificate Program are encouraged to apply for the leader mentor positions. Apply to be a GOLD Mentor!

Expectations of Mentors

GOLD Leader Mentors are:

  • Volunteers supporting the GOLD program

  • Role models for other student leaders and campus organizations

  • A resource of information on campus activities and organizations

  • Able to help students make connections to get involved and practice leadership

  • Continually developing leadership skills

  • Inquisitive and willing to learn leadership concepts and theories

  • Engaged citizens of the campus and community

GOLD Leader Mentors:

  • Show up on time and work two office hours each week

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm

  • Serve as a liaison with a specific group of student organizations

  • Develop and present interactive leadership workshops

  • Market the Co-curricular Transcript to students and promote student use of the GOLD Leadership Center

  • Maintain and use the GOLD Leadership Center Resource Library

  • Participate in ten GOLD workshops a semester, write journals and earn leadership certificates each year

  • Conduct the following workshops periodically: Personal Development Session, Time Management, and Teambuilding for GOLD and other campus/community organizations

  • Serve as a GOLD hosts at workshops, distribute name tags, check rooms and ensure set up is complete, distribute materials to participants, introduce presenters and clean up

To apply for a position on the GOLD Leader Mentor staff: Click Here.