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Free Health & Wellness Apps

Self-help like you've never seen before--try some apps with that!  
(KEY:  iP=iPhone, A=Android, M=Mac, Win=Windows, W=Website)

Stress, Relaxation, & Meditation

  • Aura - Offers 3-minute “micro” meditations, a gratitude journal, mood tracking, 30-second "mindful breathers," and more. (iP,A)
  • Insight Timer - Versatile free app that offers timed meditations of any length or a selection of thousands of guided meditations with various themes. (iP,A)
  • Moving Forward - This app assists with managing stress by teaching problem-solving.  It is especially helpful for maintaining a work-life balance. (iP)
  • Breathe 2 Relax - This basic app teaches diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing. (iP,A)
  • Stop, Breathe & Think - This app recommends meditations for you based on how you are currently feeling, both physically and mentally. (iP,A,W)
  • Smiling Mind - This meditation app is designed by psychologists and offers programs for adults, sports, and classroom. (iP,A,W)
  • Calm - In addition to the app, there is a web site offering guided meditations of 2, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes as well as simple timed sessions of the same lengths. (iP,A,W)
  • Mindfulness Coach - Offers exercises for practicing and increasing mindfulness, an awareness of the present moment which has been shown to decrease stress. (iP)
  • Colorify - A coloring book for adults to de-stress and relax.  (iP,A)

Mood Tracking, Depression, and Anxiety

  • Daylio - Provides a simple micro-journal with mood tracking abilities.  Simple graphics allow recording of moods and activities during the day. (iP,A)
  • T2 Mood Tracker - Assists with tracking emotional health on various scales, including anxiety, stress, depression, and general well-being.  Users can also create custom scales. (iP,A)
  • Mindshift - Specifically designed to provide young adults with tools for managing various types of anxiety, including test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, performance anxiety, worry, panic, and conflict. (iP,A)
  • SAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management - SAM offers options for tracking anxiety, identifying anxiety triggers, teaching breathing and relaxation strategies, and developing an anxiety management toolkit. (iP,A)
  • Pacifica - Based on cognitive behavior therapy and meditation, offers daily tools for stress and anxiety plus a supportive community.  (i,A,W)
  • PTSD Coach - This app, designed for those with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), assists with managing symptoms that affect daily life.  It includes specific coping techniques such as monitoring distress, engaging in positive imagery, and developing anger management techniques. (iP,A)

Suicide Prevention

  • A Friend Asks - This app offers tips for getting help for a friend (or yourself).  Helpful information includes what to do RIGHT NOW as well as what NOT to do. (iP,A)
  • ReliefLink - This award-winning suicide prevention app assists users with tracking daily mood/thoughts, creating a safety plan, locating the nearest hospitals, and obtaining quick-access to coping methods. (iP)

Eating Disorders

  • Rise Up + Recover: An Eating Disorder Monitoring and Management Tool - This simple app allows users to log meals, rate moods, and note coping strategies. (iP)
  • Recovery Record - This app is designed for those in recovery from an eating disorder.  It offers assistance for every state of recovery, including progress trackers, meal logs/meal plans, coping skills, and affirmations.  If you are in treatment, there is also a web site with collaborating information to share with your mental health provider. (iP,A)

Alcohol & Other Drug Use

  • Saying When - This app is a self-help program for taking charge of your drinking, either cutting back or quitting altogether.  It helps users monitor when and how much they are drinking, including tracking alcohol consumption and estimating BAC levels over time.  (iP,A)
  • - This is a simple tool for monitoring your BAC levels.  (iP,A)
  • My Quit Coach - From, this app helps users create a personalized plan to quit smoking.  It tracks cravings, offers progress reports, and provides community support. (iP)

Other Mental Health

  • Circle of 6 - Designed for college students, Circle of 6 is a personal safety app that allows users to easily stay connect to their friends.  Two simple taps on the phone connects users to their "circle" or to national hotlines. (iP,A)
  • CBT-i Coach - This app is great for users working with a therapist on insomnia issues, but it can be used by anyone who is looking to improve sleep habits.  It includes a sleep diary, reminders, and specific "tools" for improving sleep. (iP)
  • Therapy Buddy - Designed for those who are already in counseling, this app can enhance your treatment by allowing you to make a list of things to bring up in session, to write a "helpful takeaway" of each session, to keep track of any homework, etc. (iP,A)

General Health Related

  • Fooducate - This nutrition-based app allows users to track food intake, including not only calories but also nutrients, degree to which food has been processed, etc.  There is also a scan feature to find healthy food at the grocery store. (iP,A)
  • Plant Nanny - A fun way to remind you to increase your water intake!  Chose a plant a "water" it each time you drink. (iP,A,Win)
  • Fitbit - The Fitbit app tracks workouts, activity (daily steps and distance), and food intake.  It also allows users to set goals, compete with friends, and sync wirelessly.  (iP,A)
  • MOVES - MOVES is an activity tracker which includes a pedometer to track steps but which also allows users to plot routes for walking, cycling, and running. (iP,A)
  • Clue - Clue helps women accurately predict their next period.  Users can track their own unique cycle, including obtaining information on PMS and mood swings.  It's confident, scientific, and not pink. (iP,A)
  • TracknShare LITE - TracknShare is an all-purpose tracking app which allows users to monitor virtually anything, from pre-set categories (health, mood, sleep, food, gratitude), to other items of your choosing, such as grades, stress, exercise, or weather.  (iP)
  • Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds - More than just an alarm clock, this app offers guided meditations to assist with sleep, custom alarm wake-up sounds, nighttime themes, and various brainwave beat options. (iP)
  • Rainsounds HQ - This collection of over 70 rain sounds from around the world is a natural way to help facilitate sleep. (iP)

Improving Organization & Productivity

  • in Class - This is a multi-purpose app which allows users to organize schedules, take/share notes, and plan for tasks that are due. (iP)
  • 30/30 - This goal of this app is to improve time management and enhance performance through decreasing multitasking.  It helps users to set up tasks lists, with specific times designated for each task. (iP)
  • Wunderlist - The ultimate to-do list, Wunderlist allows users to share lists, to sync lists with all devices, to add notes, to set due dates, to turn emails into actions, and more. (iP,A)
  • Brainscape - This app is designed for finding, creating, and sharing effective, high-quality flashcards. (iP)

Please note that all of the above apps are provided educational for educational purposes, as they provide information on a variety of topics related to psychology and personal growth. Although the professional staff at Counseling Services believes that such information can be useful and helpful, please keep in mind the following:

  • We are not specifically endorsing any of the above apps;
  • Self-help materials such as apps may not be effective in addressing more complex issues; and
  • In the case a mental health emergency, we recommend that you seek assistance immediately.

Finally, please note that the above links connect to sites that are not under the control of Health & Counseling. However, all links were verified to be working as of March 2018; if you encounter a broken link, please contact Dr. Beth Cholette.  Alternatively, if you would like to suggest a new app to include here, feel free to contact Laura Swanson, LMSW.