Certified Therapy Dog
Lauderdale, 2nd Floor

Credentials: Certified Therapy Dog, Chief Snuggling Officer

I am a three year old golden retriever who enjoys taking long naps in the middle of crowded rooms, tearing through forests at breakneck speeds, gently wading through streams, and socializing with anyone and everyone. I am beyond excited to meet you and will let you know by involving my whole body in greeting you. Sometimes, I just can’t help but vocalize through a goofy symphony of sounds how awesome it is to be here. I love you already and know we are going to be best friends. I’m very good at expressing how I feel and offering you unconditional positive regard. If you haven’t met me yet, what are you waiting for? 

I hold office hours every week at Lauderdale and am otherwise a part of counseling sessions with my human- where I’m content to sit with you on the couch or snuggle up by your feet if you’ll let me.

Rose the Therapy Dog