Rush | Recruitment

— Spring 2024 —

Panhellenic Kick Off Event 

  • For those who are interested in rushing a national sorority this spring, our four Panhellenic sororities will be holding a kick off event on November 29th in the Union Ballroom from 6:00-10:00 pm. Meet some current members and sign up for Campus Director
  • All students who intend to rush nationally must sign up with Campus Director by January 27th.
  • If you are going to rush you must fill out the Knightweb Eligibility Form (Opens January 16th). If not completed by February 7th, you are ineligible for Spring rush

2024 Spring Recruitment Calendar

Campus Director

Link to Campus Director*

*only needed if rushing national 

Payment processing for campus director is currently experiencing an outage. Please try again in a few days if sign up does not work. 

Round Robin

  • Round Robin is the first event of Formal Recruitment for sororities, and will involve groups of rushees traveling to a designated on-campus site for each sorority. Each group will stay with each sorority for a designated time. Every sorority rushee is required to attend Round Robin.
  • Round Robin for Spring Rush will be held on January 27th. Rushes will be expected to arrive at Newton 202 by 11am and will be guided to other locations and rooms by a group leader.
  • If a rush intends to rush National Recruitment, they are required to attend a Panhellenic Recruitment meeting at 3:30pm in Newton 202

Bid Day

  • The final day of a recruitment period when bids are distributed is February 10th
  • National Sorority rushed will pick their bid up from the ISC atrium between 11am and 12pm. Acceptance or declining of this bid will be from 1-2pm in Kuhl Gym. 

Important Dates

  • A mandatory Hazing Prevention Workshop will be held for all New Members (those accepting a bid to pledge) and New Member Educators on Sunday, February 11th from 12:00pm-1:00pm
    • New Members are scheduled from 12:00 pm –1:00 p.m.
    • Any Greek Leaders who missed the Hazing Prevention Guest Speaker must attend 
  • All students who receive a Bid must also attend the New Member Conference on Sunday, February 18th, from 12:00pm-3:00pm

Rush Checklist

  • uncheckedFill out Membership Eligibility Form on Knightweb. Open January 16th - February 7th
  • *absolutely mandatory please fill out as soon as possible 
  • uncheckedIf rushing a national sorority, sign up for Campus Director by January 27th
  • uncheckedTransfer students and those who do not meet meet the GPA requirements, fill out an eligibility appeal form on the Greek Forms webpage

Eligibility Requirements for Social Fraternities & Sororities

In order to be eligible for membership in any of the social fraternal organizations (members of the Inter Greek Council) students must:

  1. Be a full-time matriculated student with at least 12 (post-high school) credit hours, or the equivalent of one full semester earned at SUNY Geneseo.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0. Some organizations may require a higher minimum cumulative GPA for membership. For some Panhellenic Recruitment, the expectation is 2.5. "Returning Student Appeals" form for eligibility #1 and/or #2).
  3. First semester transfer students with demonstrated academic and overall success at their previous institution(s) can be considered for eligibility status by appealing for immediate eligibility to the Office of Fraternal Life. Students appealing for eligibility status must provide the Office of Fraternal Life with a copy of their unofficial transcript(s) from their transfer institution(s). *To appeal for eligibility status, please Complete the on-line “Transfer Student Appeal for Immediate Membership Eligibility” form. Appeals for eligibility status must be completed by noon on Friday, February 10.*

Some organizations (such as Panhellenic sororities) have established a higher minimum GPA requirement and will make their own determinations of who is/isn’t eligible for membership into their respective organizations. First semester students, and those below the minimum GPA requirement, are ineligible to pledge. Students found violating this policy may be subject to College conduct action, which could result in the suspension of your privileges to join a Greek organization and could also result in the suspension of the sorority/fraternity.

This requirement does not apply to the four co-ed professional/service organizations. These organizations each have a unique set of membership eligibility requirements and independent processes, dates, and timelines for becoming a member. These groups are: Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), and Phi Delta Epsilon (PhiDE).

Registered Organizations

College policy dictates that students may seek membership in any registered fraternal organization for which they meet the eligibility requirements. Please see the list of registered organizations

Non-Discrimination Policies

Registered SUNY Geneseo fraternities/sororities may not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, or sexual orientation. Additionally, several organizations and the Panhellenic Council have adopted transgender inclusive membership policies. For more information regarding this and those organizations who have completed Safe Zone training, please visit our Pillar Advocacy page.

Sign Up Now

To be considered eligible for a bid (offer of membership), all students must complete the Fraternity/Sorority Membership Eligibility Form found in the Survey section of their Knightweb account. The deadline to complete this form is noon on Thursday September, 21st. No extensions will be granted and no offers of membership can be extended to any student who has not completed this form, or received approval from the Dean of Students, in the case of new transfer students.

How to Access

Login to your MyGeneseo portal > go to the Knightweb Main Menu >> go to the "Surveys" tab >>> select the "Fraternity/Sorority Membership Eligibility Form"

To participate in Panhellenic (national) sorority recruitment, students must register here. Registration closes Saturday, January 28 at 8 p.m.