Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fraternity/ Sorority to Join

Use these questions to initiate a conversation with your student on the fraternal values of the organization he/she hopes to join. Assess the values of the organization alongside the values you feel are important to your student.

  • What is the purpose of the organization? Why should a student join? What aspects of the fraternity/sorority encouraged its members to join?
  • How will joining the organization benefit the student?
  • What are the financial obligations of membership? Are there any extra costs the semester a student joins? Are members required to live in the fraternity/sorority house?
  • What is required during the new member education process? How much time does it take?
  • What is the organization's position on hazing?
  • What does this organization do to support its members academically? What is the chapter GPA?
  • What does this organization do for the College and community?
  • Are the members involved in activities outside of the fraternity/ sorority?
  • What is the organization's relationship with other fraternities and sororities? What is the reputation of the organization on campus?
  • Is the organization in good standing with the College? What is the organizations discipline history?