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Upcoming Travel & Events

*Please be advised, this calendar converts times to Eastern Time Zone - events are saved in local time zones and will convert when saved to your calendar.

Fall 2019 Events

SouthEast Asia

October 12:  ISN Student Fair; Danang, Vietnam

October 13: ISN Student Fair; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

October 15: ISN Student Fair, Jakarta, Indonesia

October 17: ISN Student Fair, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October 19: ISN Student Fair, Seoul, South Korea

October 20: ISN Student Fair, Bangkok, Thailand

Latin America

November 11: ISN Student Fair, Montevideo, Uruguay

November 13: ISN Student Fair, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 15: ISN Student Fair, Panama City, Panama

November 16: ISN Student Fair Barranquilla, Colombia

November 17: ISN Student Fair, Bogota, Colombia

November 19: ISN Student Fair, Quito, Ecuador

November 21: ISN Student Fair, Guatemala City, Guatemala

**More to be announced soon!**


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