Undergraduate Research

As a predominately undergraduate institution, our students have the opportunity to participate in both faculty-led and student-initiated research. 

Esha '20

81% of faculty work directly with students on research!

Each year, Geneseo holds GREAT Day (Geneseo Recognizes Excellence, Achievement & Talent), which is a special day set aside for students to present their research projects across campus. Over 1000 students gave presentations about their own research at GREAT Day 2017.

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International Student Researchers

Praveen Wakwella '19

Sri Lanka/Bangladesh, Physics & Mathematics

International students

Learn more about Praveen and his research

Anna Lee '17

South Korea, Psychology


Learn more about Anna and her research

Chiamaka Okorie '16

Nigeria, Biology & Pre-Med


Learn more about Chiamaka and her research

Kwangwon Kong '15

South Korea, Psychology & Pre-Med

KwanLearn more about Kwangwon and his research

Shikha Gautam '15

India, Biochemistry


Learn more about Shikha and her research