Commencement 2019

Evans Adabra Cecala Fredericks McManusEmily C. with (left to right) Profs. Evans, Adabra, Fredericks, McManus

       Liatard Evans     Kécyna L. (teaching assistant from France) and Prof. Evans

         Adabra Shelly

Prof. Adabra with Isabel S.

Spanish gradsLeft to right: Alex R., Olivia R., Macie S., Shannon V., Erin M.

Riggio Liatard McManusBrianna R. & Kécyna L. with Prof. McManus

Mrozinski with facultyMallory M. with (left to right) Profs. McManus, Fredericks, Evans, Adabra

     Adabra Hart

Prof. Adabra chats with Jasmine H.

Spanish grads with facultyLeft to right: Prof. Castillo-Rodriguez, Alex R., Prof. McEwen, Macie S., Olivia R., Kyle M., Sharon BP

Tang 2 students

Prof. Tang with graduate

Ortiz Adabra

Olivia O. with Prof. Adabra

Fredericks Evans Shelly AdabraIsabel S. with (left to right) Profs. Fredericks, Evans, Adabra

Hart EvansJasmine H. with Prof. Evans