Global Languages and Cultures Ambassadorships and Scholarships

All Language Majors

Phi Sigma Iota. Several scholarship opportunities are available to members annually and are announced in the Society's publication, The Forum.

NY State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (for undergraduate and graduate students who plan to teach). Undergraduates majoring in a foreign language in a teacher certification program and graduate students who are teaching or who plan to teach a foreign language may apply for scholarships from NYSAFLT.

Rose Bachem Alent Award for Outstanding Senior in International Relations.  This annual student award recognizes distinguished academic performance among those majoring in either International Relations or Foreign Languages with a Minor in International Relations.  Criteria for award: 3.5 GPA or higher overall and in major; service to the relevant departments in the form of club leadership, study abroad participation, or similar activity; endorsement by Department of Languages and Literatures and Coordinator of International Relations.

French Majors

Gouvernet Student Ambassador Fund. In memory of Dr. Gérard Gouvernet, this fund is dedicated to providing a transformational experience in a French-speaking nation to one advanced-level SUNY Geneseo student of French per year. Course work, an internship, research activity, a cultural immersion or service-learning experience, or other types of transformational experiences that a student proposes in order to earn credit toward a SUNY Geneseo French major may qualify for this $5,000 award.

Rose Alent Scholarship. Five hundred dollars ($500) awarded annually to student who demonstrates academic excellence in French.  This scholarship will provide the opportunity for a foreign language experience that will help the recipient become more fluent. Supported by friends and family of the late Dr. Rose Alent, Emerita.

Pi Delta Phi undergraduate summer scholarships in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Québec, and President's graduate scholarship.  Members of Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society, are eligible to apply. See Dr. Beverly Evans for information.

French Government's Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). This program offers the opportunity to work in France for 7 months,  teaching English to French students of all ages.  Placements are in public schools across all regions of metropolitan France and in the overseas departments, such as Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion.  Participants receive a monthly stipend and health insurance.  The online application period begins in mid-October with a deadline of January 15.

Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d'Amérique offers various scholarships: Jeanne Marandon Fellowships, for undergraduates and graduates who wish to study in France or Québec; Scholarships for Study in Québec, for undergraduates and graduates who wish to study in Québec for six weeks in the summer; Jean et Marie Dufresnoy Scholarship, for students preparing a scientific degree and who wish to study that field for a year in France. Information on these scholarships is available from the Department.

The Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis offers various scholarships throughout the year. Some information also available from the Department.

Spanish Majors

Spanish Alumni Scholarship Award. Five hundred dollars ($500) is awarded annually to a declared Spanish Major who is motivated and hard-working and who has already completed SPAN 301 and 302.  This scholarship will provide the opportunity for a foreign language experience that will help the recipient become more fluent.  Supported by the Department of Languages and Literatures.

Government of Spain Teach Abroad Grants.  Native English speakers who are a Junior or Senior college student or have completed a BA, BS, MA or MS.  Applicants must be willing to reside in Spain from September to June.  Grant recipients receive a minimum monthly allowance, orientation course and ongoing development, and full medical insurance.  Online applications accepted November 30 to March 30.

Sigma Delta Pi. Members of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society, may apply for scholarships for study abroad. See Faculty Advisor (TBA) for information.

Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education Scholarship. The Xerox Scholarships are part of the Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education program, which was established in January 1996 to recruit, encourage and mentor Hispanics and other minorities to enroll at SUNY Geneseo to prepare for careers as school teachers. Supported by The Document Company, Xerox.

NALCAP - North American Language and Culture Assistants Program
American college students and graduates - who are native-like speakers of English - partner with elementary and secondary schools in Spain to bolster language programs, as language assistants (TAs) under the supervision and guidance of teachers in Spain. Sponsored by Spanish Government.

Arabic, Chinese, German,  Latin, Japanese, and Russian

Excellence in the Study of Less Commonly Taught Languages. Effective Spring 2023, yearly we would like to recognize an outstanding student in each of SUNY Geneseo’s less commonly taught languages–Arabic, Chinese, German,  Latin, Japanese, and Russian–with an award of up to $100.00 per language taught within an academic year.

This award would be available to a deserving SUNY Geneseo student, matriculated into a degree bearing program, that has successfully completed at least one semester (preferably two) in one of the above languages in the current academic year.  Because our class rotations are based on enrollment numbers, it is possible that a student from the 101 level may win the award.

All Majors

Geneseo Foundation

Ambassador Apartments World Citizen Scholarships for Study Abroad. Criteria for eligibility include submission of an essay on What it means to be a world citizen today.

Geneseo Scholarships and Awards (see Undergraduate Bulletin).

Geneseo Office of  Sponsored Research

U.S. Student Programs, Institute of International Education . Fulbright fellowships and other programs.

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